Poll: Who do you want to win Celebrity Big Brother 2018?

Ann, Jess, Shane J, Shane L, Wayne fighting for Year of the Woman victory
1 comment - Posted on February 1 2018 at 02:15pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman finalists - Ann Widdecombe, Jess Impiazzi, Shane Jenek, Shane Lynch and Wayne Sleep

Ann Widdecombe, Jess Impiazzi, Shane ‘Courtney Act’ Jenek, Shane Lynch and Wayne Sleep are fighting to be crowned champion of Celebrity Big Brother’s Year of the Woman… but who do you want to triumph?

After four weeks of intense debates, several power battles and two crazy triple evictions, the finish line is now in sight for CBB’s latest batch of housemates.

The latest series may have been all about girl power, but the final may not be, as the females are outnumbered among the remaining five housemates.

Three men – Shane J, Shane L and Wayne – remain in the running, facing off against two women: Ann and Jess

We want to know who you’re backing to win, so vote for your favourite in our poll below, and make your case for them in the comments.

Emma Willis presents the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 final live on Friday at 9.00pm and 10.30pm on Channel 5 and 3e.

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1 comment on this article

  1. poem says:
    Fri 02 Feb Reply !

    last try to get my future wife to win CBB – can georgy boy change your mind ?

    2nd from last show – absolute georgous 02.02.18

    what a delightful wake
    CBB is a great radio
    it can not possibly be fake
    tuned in to genuwine and john on the audio.
    ann was leading the rebellion
    this did flow the tears
    we see as all is orwellian
    even hands over ears.
    on the mic was rachel
    can not stop rapping
    india on the same page is questionable
    but words to courtney needed no scrapping.
    bit of the georgious
    privileged to be so close in this kingdom
    CBB added music that’s georgous
    poetry is my freedom.
    we are at the final
    for my winner i done all i can
    the love stems from the spinal
    its why i fell in love with ann.

    if you need to escape poetry i will give you pure –

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