Channel 5 ‘threatens to axe Big Brother if it doesn’t improve’

Report claims production company Endemol Shine has a year to save the show
3 comments - Posted on August 26 2017 at 07:34pm

Big Brother 2017 live set

Channel 5 has reportedly given Big Brother UK producers a year to give it a complete overhaul and reverse its ratings decline – or face being axed.

The long-running reality show suffered a ratings crash in 2017, with January’s Celebrity series down around half a million viewers year-on-year – while the ‘civilian’ version averaged below a million in overnights for the first time.

Meanwhile, arch rival Love Island became a smash hit, dominating in the key youth demographic and setting new records for ITV2 – with its final becoming the channel’s most watched broadcast ever.

Channel 5 logo - Big Brother 2017

Big Brother suffered a further blow earlier this week when Channel 5’s director of programmes, Ben Frow, publicly stated: “I would be much happier with a channel that did not have Big Brother on it.”

Now, production firm Endemol Shine has apparently been given an ultimatum: shape up or ship out. According to the Daily Star, the broadcaster has threatened to swing the axe if Big Brother fails to improve its performance next year.

“It’s sim­ple. Ei­ther change it or we’ll chop it,” a source commented.

“It is a big show for us but it needs to be re-in­vig­o­rated to sur­vive in the cur­rent cli­mate. It needs to look and feel dif­fer­ent.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars eye logo

Die-hard fans have raised several issues with the show, ranging from housemates getting too much outside contact to the lack of a solid nominations system.

But while producers attempted a revamp last year by building an extension to its Elstree Studios house, there were no significant changes to the format.

Big Brother has one more year left in its current deal with C5, guaranteeing two more Celebrity editions and one more ‘civilian’ series to air in 2018.

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3 comments on this article

  1. BBmegafan says:
    Sun 27 Aug Reply !

    If i was in charge I would absolutely have NO reality tv ppl (they’re not celebs) allowed in,and NO Americans. (love them but not on our BB)….then I’d stop hmts wearing hats,hoods,sunnies indoors. I would make all hmts be silent when on task or BB talking… I would have proper tasks EVERYday.. no verbal tasks, only physical ones. I’d also go back to chalk board for the food list. No alcohol given unless earned or on list. (Want to ban fags and foul mouths but if you chose proper celebs,they would be more dignified anyway?)

  2. Omymich says:
    Sun 27 Aug Reply !

    I am a mega fan not missed it since it started… I think that it should be on for longer than an hour & also it should be on through the night just like channel 4….they need more tasks as I remember there were a lot more in the beginning….& when u do the normal Bb why are u putting in reality stars when it should be normal people from all walks of life…. I have seen a big change since channel 5 have taken over so come on go back to how it was in the beginning

  3. poemgate says:
    Sun 27 Aug Reply !

    if my poems don’t improve – I will be village removed – so I hear ?

    islington tribune – phone robbery – argos = solution 27.08.17


    no sympathy

    these shops are dealers

    the psycho is turning off my empathy

    am i putting out lucrative feelers.

    consumers did ignore

    when clear i made the crystal

    mobile phone sales will always sore

    robbing in bulk is a foot shot with own pistol.

    the need is overpowering

    it goes through all to the bone

    if they don’t have the newest its no flowering

    can not stop just off to get latest phone.

    this gang i praise

    i no its going to cause up-raw

    no one was hurt so no need to erase

    sending all H.M.P poetry mail is approved by the law.

    as society we need a solution

    not nice is any robbery

    argos are going to adore my village pollution

    it will be received as highgate has no snobbery.

    mobiles are fantastic

    the latest gizmos are as useful as a builder and a nail bar

    to the islington gazzette my solution is basic

    all robbery’s will stop if all get the £20 alba.


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