Celeb BB final vote results reveal Sarah won by 5%

Girls Aloud star had a 35.33% share - ahead of runner-up Amelia Lily's 29.92%
3 comments - Posted on August 26 2017 at 11:19am

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 final - winner Sarah Harding

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 winner Sarah Harding beat Amelia Lily to victory by just over 5% of the public vote, Channel 5 has revealed.

As has become a tradition recently, the broadcaster released a percentage breakdown of the vote to win results shortly after last night’s final concluded.

It confirms that Girls Aloud star Sarah secured first place with 35.33% of all votes cast since lines originally opened on Tuesday night.

  • C5 BBUK Winning Percentages
  • 52.71%Isabelle Warburton, BB18
  • 45.16%James Hill, CBB16
  • 36.32%Scotty T, CBB17
  • 35.90%Stephen Bear, CBB18
  • 35.33%Sarah Harding, CBB20
  • 35.27%Luke Anderson, BB13
  • 32.65%Coleen Nolan, CBB19

Runner-up Amelia was just 5.41% behind, on 29.92% – but she managed double the share of her love interest Sam Thompson, who came third on 14.80%.

Derek Acorah took fourth place on 8.92%, while Chad Johnson was fifth on 5.48%, and Jemma Lucy sixth on 4.83%.

The data also accounts for Shaun Williamson, who was part of the vote to win until he was evicted via the back door shortly after lines froze at 7.00pm on Wednesday. He managed 0.71% of the overall vote.

Sarah’s result makes her more popular than January’s CBB winner Coleen Nolan, who had a 32.65% winning percentage – but she trails behind other recent champions.

Of the series C5 has publicly revealed stats for, UK vs. USA’s James Hill remains the top Celebrity winner, on 45.16%.

However, the celebs are eclipsed by ‘civilian’ winner Isabelle Warburton, who triumphed in this year’s BB with over half the vote – 52.16%.

Coleen, Isabelle, and Sarah’s victories make 2017 the first time since 2009 that all Big Brother UK winners in a calendar year have been female.

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3 comments on this article

  1. poemgate says:
    Mon 28 Aug Reply !

    a rubbish winner but it wont take 4 weeks to forget :wink:

    4 weekly cycle 28.08.17

    in the house of pain
    similar to cutting a whole bread
    like the cream of the crop i will train
    never a pin just a skin head.
    some did object
    do you remember the fortnightly comotion
    shut down as not politicaly correct
    not saving the earth was my promotion.
    soon it will mutate
    in some areas is the trial
    on sky news i have to congradulate
    presenting the papers was done with a laugh and smile.
    everyone has waste
    yes ofcourse we want to save the planet
    but the only ones to taste
    are the local authoritys who tax gannet.
    if we agree to this cycle
    then from my village i will resign
    we need a bit of queen a bicycle
    keeping waste for 4 weeks won’t ever cross the line.

  2. poemgate says:
    Mon 28 Aug Reply !

    will not be whistleing at winner of CBB this year –

    cat calling – acceptable ? 28.08.17

    to the wrightstuff i whistle
    could never resist
    the diamond today was pure tinsel
    for once mathew is not the sexist.
    a little confession
    just whistling is tame
    the pussie poem will change your expression
    guilty leaves me in the frame.
    we can all admire
    unlike poetry we all must read
    who no’s what anyone does desire
    respecting all is my planting seed.
    lets not make uneasy
    it will take out the complexity
    don’t dare again email me with cheesy
    don’t do poetry that’s sexy.
    life is all about feeling
    even if we are to often offended
    tuesday and i no ann is going to hit the ceiling
    from highgate my whistle will have ear plugs recommended.

  3. poemgate says:
    Tue 29 Aug Reply !

    I am going to send this PC round to arrest sarah for a bad crime – winning – now that is something to dance about ?

    should the police dance at carnival ? ( discussion ) 29.08.17


    no purchase of paper

    later is the exchange in town

    its so easy being a news scrapper

    visiting metro online is the crown.

    hearing about the event

    seeing everyone smiling

    was it desert storm who sent

    5 -O i am filing.

    dan you was blatant

    all youtube viewers will be smitten

    you do so have talent

    forget carnival i will deliver to britain.

    thank you for the dance

    thank you to the metro online

    next year join and enhance

    from highgate i see the carnival shine.


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