Celeb BB killers Sam, Sarah nominate murder mystery twist victims

Viewers waiting to find out if Brandi, Paul, Helen, Derek will face double eviction
1 comment - Posted on August 18 2017 at 09:57am

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 - Brandi Glanville and Paul Danan as detectives in the Criminal Case murder mystery task

Brandi Glanville, Paul Danan, Helen Lederer and Derek Acorah will face eviction from Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 tonight – if ‘killers’ Sam Thompson and Sarah Harding pass this week’s murder mystery task.

On Tuesday, Brandi and Paul became detectives investigating the fictional murder of celebrity agent Stella Star, carrying out several challenges to help them catch the culprits – such as identifying which housemates had said a selection of incriminating quotes.

Meanwhile, viewers voted for Sam and Sarah to become the murderers, and they were privately told that their job was to claim more victims by giving killer nominations to four housemates.

First, they decided to target the detectives, with Sarah nominating Brandi and Paul by marking their screens on the housemate wall in the living area.

Later, they gave their other nominations to Helen and Derek, believing the move would make the case harder to solve. Sam carried out the deed by placing horses’ heads in their beds.

However, the victims aren’t in danger yet – as, in a further twist, Sam and Sarah’s chosen nominees will only go up for eviction if they pass their mission by remaining undetected.

If Brandi and Paul successfully identify them as the killers, they will face the boot, alongside two other housemates chosen by the detectives.

The result of the task will not be revealed until tonight’s live show at 8.30pm on Channel 5 and 3e, during which a ‘flash’ public vote will take place.

Two housemates will then be thrown out in the first double eviction of the series.

The murder mystery task is part of a product placement deal with the mobile game Criminal Case. Its branding has been featured in the house and coverage relating to the task on the official website and social media pages.

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