Celebrity Big Brother finale confirmed for Friday 25th August

Summer 2017 series will last just 25 days - making it the shortest in four years
1 comment - Posted on August 9 2017 at 10:08pm

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Channel 5 has confirmed the Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 final date as Friday 25th August – making the current series the shortest in four years.

A 105-minute live show at 9.00pm on the 25th will see Emma Willis crown the winner of the £50,000 charity prize, before Rylan Clark-Neal fronts an extended 90-minute Bit On The Side aftershow party at 10.45pm.

Therefore, this series will end after 25 days – making it the shortest since summer 2013, when the twelfth series ran for 23 days.

This marks the first time that the broadcaster has significantly cut the length of Celebrity Big Brother, having gradually made it longer in recent years.

In January 2014, CBB13 was extended from 23 to 27 days midway through due to high ratings. A year later, CBB15 ran for an entire month.

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 - bbspy exclusive launch night house tour: Live show set

CBB17 became the longest series ever in January 2016, lasting 32 days – a record that the ‘All Stars’ and ‘New Stars’ special matched earlier this year.

Although the current CBB has been shortened by a week compared to the previous series, it is understood that this was a planned decision.

On Twitter, narrator Marcus Bentley insisted it was always intended to last 25 days – and pointed out that, when the ‘civilian’ and Celebrity versions are combined, Big Brother will air almost the same number of days in total this year as it did in 2016.

It’s also possible that scheduling changes resulted in the final airing earlier than intended. bbspy understands that CBB was due to return at the end of last week, until a last-minute change saw the launch brought forward to 1st August.

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  1. poemgate says:
    Thu 10 Aug Reply !

    paranormal nose ? 10.08.17

    calling all spirits
    i can sense your energy
    sorry to the village for unnecessary visits
    its a prime place for the CBB surgery.
    was derek contradicting
    or was his profession the flaunt
    jam was on the walls inflicting
    it all did add to the haunt.
    the spirits did turn evil
    sarah and jemma were both patron
    in CBB no case is civil
    out came from both the satan.
    ending with a crash
    sarah so sorry to expose
    coming from a lady with a tattoo rash
    both were hurtful i sense in my nose.

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