About Sarah

Sarah Harding is an English recording artist, dancer, model, and actress who rose to fame as one fifth of Girls Aloud. Sarah made her debut appearance on 2002’s Popstars: The Rivals, securing her place in the hit girl group.

The band went on to have massive chart success, scoring twenty-one UK top ten singles and four UK number one singles. The Guinness World Records lists the band as ‘Most Successful Reality TV Group’ in their 2007 edition.

Following the band’s split, Sarah embarked on a solo career and most recently finished a stint in the West End as the leading lady in Ghost: The Musical.

What are you looking forward to most about Celebrity Big Brother and why?
The experience, and chance to get people to see a softer side of me.

What kind of housemate do you think you’ll be?
No idea! Let’s wait and see.

Describe yourself in three words…
Fun loving, modest and quirky!

20 comments on Sarah

  1. poemgate says:
    Wed 09 Aug Reply !

    alcoholics anonymous next meeting ( gatehouse) 09.08.17


    one addict to another

    it was looking in the reflection

    one could evaporate one to smother

    the talk was the connection.

    both are intriguing

    even if one is scripted

    any AA watchers reading

    paul not sarah does have the poison encrypted.

    maybe a bit of reassurance

    like beer pouring to the gallon

    the cheers will give sarah the endurance

    unlike falling off the wagon.

    paul can consume

    booze is like a fish in water

    this party has no boom

    under any table his drinking will slaughter.

    tuesday ended with a boot

    bit on the side had greeting

    in my village this will root

    first g2g in the gatehouse i got a AA meeting.


    want to have a drink after you have had a read ? you get no better then in highgate and this is one of the best.

  2. Hannah says:
    Wed 09 Aug Reply !

    @ Poemgate
    That’s your best one ever ! 👏🏻 👏🏻

  3. jack stuart says:
    Wed 09 Aug Reply !

    Hate her :envy:

  4. Hannah says:
    Wed 09 Aug Reply !

    She’s too emotionally weak to be in BB
    And if she does have addictions…..any addictions which have been common knowledge in the past then she really shouldn’t put herself in this vulnerable position.
    Even if she gleans public sympathy it’s still a risk. Surely she can’t need the money ? – actually isn’t it for charity this time, there’s no cash for the winning individual is there ?
    She should just find something she enjoys and do do something healthy and quietly she certainly doesn’t need drama.
    Tears every day are night are very tiresome no matter how sorry you feel for her .
    She’s irritating me now because she just doesn’t learn .

  5. Hannah says:
    Wed 09 Aug Reply !

    Oh dear
    Just saw tonight’s episode…..
    Sorry but someone has to break it to her …..Sarah your fan base of 13 year olds have all grown up and moved on

    Get some self respect girl, stop playing the victim, stop getting drunk and emotional and see if you can last,
    You are going to make yourself ill……
    Hasbeen Diveritus is a very contagious disease and it’s spreading around that house like wildfire!

  6. erinial says:
    Fri 11 Aug Reply !

    I don’t like her. Who the f*** is cheering for her?!

  7. Hannah says:
    Sat 12 Aug Reply !

    She’s just showed herself to be a real slapper…….
    The reason her Gemma clash is because they are so similar
    Awful , both of them

  8. Carl says:
    Mon 14 Aug Reply !

    Hannah, Why use words like that? Why do you hate your own gender so much? Shows you up to be a worse person than her. Bye, have a nice day. :)

  9. Hannah says:
    Mon 14 Aug Reply !

    I don’t hate my own gender in the slightest Carl, but I can not look at these girls ( who by 32 should know better) and consider their behaviour to either appropriate or something to aspire to …?
    Would you want your sister or daughter or female friends to behave like this ?
    If you think they act in an acceptable way then I truely believe there is something wrong with you and not me Carl that’s all I can say .
    Chad proctor be single but in all honesty it seems to be beyond the realms of possibility for any of them to go two weeks without sex ? I dislike Paul’s behaviour just as much btw, do I’m not being misogynistic.
    I’m sorry if this offends you but the way sarah and Gemma behave is appalling.
    They are an example of how not to live your life I’m afraid 😳

  10. erinial says:
    Tue 15 Aug Reply !

    She’s always playing the victim :down:

  11. Hannah says:
    Tue 15 Aug Reply !

    That’s true but tonight she did handle herself better than Jemma……
    But they really are so similar ( if you close your eyes they even sound the same)
    They drink too much they’ve both got issues they have to have the last word
    They’ve both got addictions to alcohol and drugs …….why big brother lets these types in I really don’t know, do the celebs have to have a psych assessment?
    Or has channel 5 done away with that as well ?

  12. Mike New says:
    Wed 16 Aug Reply !

    She chose the wrong institution to sort out her problems. Are there really that many losers around like her? A real fruit cake.

  13. ss says:
    Wed 16 Aug Reply !

    :heart: love her. She is amazing and beautiful. #teamsarah Sarah to win. People r just jealous and they blame her

  14. Hannah says:
    Wed 16 Aug Reply !

    She’s so desperate it’s toe curling,
    She wants to call her agent because she thinks she’s projecting a bad image of herself?
    Sam got it spot on she’s a spoilt princess that can’t cope with today’s reality as in ……she’s no longer popular she’s no longer hip she’s no longer important she no longer impresses people
    And chad got it right she’s so calculating….
    Even telling him to stop swearing because they are on a show that everyone watches 😂 She’s truely unbelievable her ego is bigger than Jemma’s mouth……and that’s huge !!
    I’m really not surprised that the rest of her girlband have nothing to with her

  15. Mike New says:
    Sat 19 Aug Reply !

    I thought she was supposed to be an ex singer.

  16. Mike New says:
    Sat 19 Aug Reply !

    Boy. Did her ex have a lucky escape.

  17. poemgate says:
    Sun 20 Aug Reply !

    were the marriage vows to loud ? 20.08.17

    it was very romantic
    your legs will go like jelly
    going down quicker then the titanic
    is it gripping or tragic telly.
    can you see the passion
    even with the tv fog
    will it set a new trend and the fashion
    love is to be found in the bog.
    drink is the similarity
    even if it is a strain and choking
    both have tendency of a addictive personality
    its the exact same with smoking.
    but it is sweet
    of each other they are fond
    the girlfriend ask went down a treat
    so happy sarah found her james bond.
    out it will burn
    derek got wrong the supernatural crowd
    sarah harding will regret the CBB turn
    this girl should have been quiet not loud.

  18. erinial says:
    Sun 20 Aug Reply !

    Omg there she goes again, crocodile tears and staring at the camera ………….

  19. poemgate says:
    Mon 21 Aug Reply !

    its a sting 20.08.17

    in the world of paranoia
    today was a sting
    not even tempted to show my gonorrhea
    tesco keep stock of the rubber ring.
    the village had a impostor
    friendly and complementary
    could have crossed the road to costa
    the give away is only doing solitary.
    not doing any wrong
    this line i can rehearse
    highgate village is where i belong
    its the only place i can force verse.
    please don’t be nasty
    not after money or fame bling
    crystal clear is george and the paparazzi
    but outside in the village i won’t sing.

  20. Hannah says:
    Thu 24 Aug Reply !

    Omg I’ve never seen someone so conceited on this show !
    “Can you get some Harding fans in here…..that lot shouting to get me out each week, they must be the same people week after week..,your security must know who they are”

    She’s laughable – omg
    We’ve all had a broken heart at some stage of our lives but she is caning it!
    She’s a victim and a spoiled has been diva
    Calculating every move, every camera angle she’s abhorrent

    Get her out !

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