About Jemma

Jemma Lucy is an MTV reality star, best known for taking part in two seasons of Ex on the Beach. She also works as a tattoo model.

Jemma reportedly had a short-lived relationship with CBB summer 2016 winner Stephen Bear, and also hooked up with Kirk Norcross on season three of EOTB.

She has set up her own dating app, Dating Ink, which brings tattooed lovers together.

What are you looking forward to most about Celebrity Big Brother and why?
Everything! I have been a huge fan of the show for a long time and I cannot believe I am going to be in there. I am looking forward to meeting some new boys or girls. I am looking forward to having no phone, and I’m looking forward to a summer of fun.

What kind of housemate do you think you’ll be?
I am going to be feisty, opinionated, extreme, fair, sexy, loud, caring, and I am not going to hold back.

Describe yourself in three words…
Mischievous, erotic and unpredictable.

8 comments on Jemma

  1. Hannah says:
    Wed 09 Aug Reply !

    Awful creature
    Those tattoos are gonna look great when she’s a grandmother… the moment she looks like a lizard 🦎
    Is it really Helen Wood after elocution lessons?

  2. jack stuart says:
    Thu 10 Aug Reply !

    Oh god she is grim she thinks she is better than everybody else but she is worth nothing #cbb

  3. erinial says:
    Sat 12 Aug Reply !

    I like her – she’s honest

    • Hannah says:
      Sun 13 Aug !

      I have to disagree,
      If my daughter looked it acted like her I’d be so ashamed, she acts like a whore outside the house yet had the audacity to call sarah one ( although sarah is just as bad) but all this “disrespectful’ rubbish makes laugh….. why should anyone respect her?
      Respect should be earned and she doesn’t do anything to deserve it, and on top of that she shows no respect to others …….. and even worse she doesn’t respect herself!
      She thinks she’s being clever and she obviously isn’t unintelligent and yet she b haves in such a stupid way therefore we must conclude she is stupid

  4. poemgate says:
    Tue 15 Aug Reply !

    should we remove the permanent smudge ? 15.08.17

    welcome to my elimination
    in which only one i adore
    purely for entertainment stimulation
    jemma for you a drink i will pour.
    tonight will come in handy
    it really was a uneasy tremor
    for very juvenile behavior blame brandi
    great was the drinking with jemma.
    not calling are the supernatural
    helen may well be toast
    the CBB afterlife needs to be factual
    hellen going will be no ghost.
    jordan is in to deep
    he must wave the surrender flag
    we won’t loose any sleep
    not dropped is his ball bag.
    lastly is sam
    not falling for the love pony
    what next a fake marriage scam
    lets see amelia alone as the romance is fony.
    you have 3 to choose
    but the tattoo must not budge
    this print we must not loose
    jemma has to be a permanent smudge.

  5. erinial says:
    Tue 15 Aug Reply !

    @Hannah the thing is she’s upfront about everything and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. If she’s a slut she will own it. I don’t always agree with her ways or how she speaks but she is who she is. Unlike Sarah who thinks she’s so nice but in reality she’s fake.

  6. Hannah says:
    Wed 16 Aug Reply !

    I can only hope that people kept her in because she is so grotesque and they want her to argue some more with sarah….
    Unfortunately that now panders to her false sense of superiority and now she genuinely thinks the public like her, so she’s both narcissistic ( did you see her self congratulatory whoops 😬 of joy ?
    …..toe curling) and delusional…..
    But I have a feeling it will be her and sarah in the final purely because joe public ( or Cesaer – haha) likes to see the roman proletariat rip each other apart !

  7. Sarah-Jane says:
    Fri 18 Aug Reply !

    I have to admit at the start I wasn’t really that keen on her but over the last couple of weeks I have really started to warm to her. Personally I love her tattoos, it’s creative and different from seeing everyone with just their skin, clothes, hair etc. Most importantly though she just says it how it is, is assertive and doesn’t take anybody’s nonsense, she’s also funny especially when she went last night “Bring it, common I can handle it”.

    I have to disagree strongly with that looking like a lizard comment, that woman sounds like she’s really jealous not just of Jemma but a couple of the other ones as too, it’s really obvious with her choice of certain words and language. I can see why with Jemma especially, she can wear the skimpiest of clothes because she has a great body and big b**** as well.

    Really hope this girl makes it to the final, as well as Sam, Brandi and Amelia.

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