About Chad

Chad Johnson rose to fame in 2016 when he took part in the American series, The Bachelorette, as the show’s brand new villain.

Chad has continued to shine in reality TV after being recognised as the franchise’s “most famous character”, starring in both Bachelor in Paradise 3 and Famously Single 2.

What are you looking forward to most about Celebrity Big Brother and why?
I’ve never been to England before and I’m looking forward to hanging out with some cool British people… and hopefully some hot girls!

What kind of housemate do you think you’ll be?
I’ll be friends with everyone, but I’ll take no sh*t!

Describe yourself in three words…
Successful, cocky and funny!

4 comments on Chad

  1. vb says:
    Wed 09 Aug Reply !

    Wow have you ever seen a bigger douchebag in your life! And 29 my ass! He’s 40 if he’s a day!

  2. jack stuart says:
    Thu 10 Aug Reply !

    Yeah I agree Vb

  3. Angela Winson says:
    Sat 12 Aug Reply !

    :down: I think Chad should do something about that beard……. I’m sure if the hair on he’s cheek bones were gone and he had a more trimmed designer beard he would look better…. he’s on the verge of looking like big foot!

  4. poemgate says:
    Thu 17 Aug Reply !

    valimir putin or chad – topless calender – will you be buying it in 2018 ? 17.08.17

    not strong is confidence
    going dry is the fountain
    the animal needed no reassurance
    january will be chad on a horse up a mountain.
    febuary is a bit grim
    i say it with a wink of a eye
    hope chad can swim
    putin can do the butterfly.
    complements are reeling
    both have under breath wishing
    march does have a lucky feeling
    where is chad as putin is topless fishing.
    into april with spring
    the cold is now rid
    if putin hits it will sting
    chad in whites does resemble karate kid.
    may is going to a stifle
    this month you will want to pass
    chad shows no fear of the riffle
    hes posing on his back in the grass.
    back to nature in june
    sea is purifying the skin
    putin can already in tune
    chad better learn the lingo of the dolphin.
    crossing a river is july
    chad you need no camouflage
    putin is the army on which you can rely
    flexing his muscles that are large.
    august is the summer
    chad will not dis-pare
    posing with shades is no bumber
    you look better then putin in that chair.
    onto advertising
    this is for male magazine readers
    chad has no understanding of economizing
    selling the aftershave “leaders”.
    a bit of play in october
    chad is going to feel swell
    i ask was putin sober
    will chad go down doing “plagygirl”.
    november is wild
    a tiger on a lead
    comparing to sarah chad will have smiled
    it won’t bite off the hand that does feed.
    on december i will be fond
    it shows what kind of lad
    like putin he will be great blond
    its all exposing and that is this year in chad.

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