Big Brother 2017 gets eye flash teaser trailer – video

Watch the new Union Jack logo distort in Channel 5's first ad for new series
- Posted on May 12 2017 at 07:33pm

Big Brother 2017 eye flash teaser trailer

Channel 5 has kicked off the promotional campaign for Big Brother 2017 with a teaser trailer showcasing the new Union Jack eye logo.

The three-second ‘eye flash’ clip – which began airing on C5 last night – features the motif for the new series animated in a distorted, data glitch-style, with a teapot morphing in to the camera at the centre.

C5 unveiled the logo yesterday as they announced the first details about this summer’s run, which will tackle the tense political climate with a ‘must-watch culture clash’.

Bosses promise the show will take an ‘alternative look at Britain’ by welcoming housemates from a variety of backgrounds for the ‘ultimate social experiment’, dubbed the ‘United Kingdom of Big Brother’.

The theme is represented by the eye, which features multicoloured version of the UK flag littered with various images.

These range from symbols of British culture – such as a red telephone box and the gates of Buckingham Palace – to provocative political messages, including a placard reading: ‘We are all immigrants’.

Big Brother 2017 eye logo close-ups

Some fans have also suggested that these images allude to the rumoured pairs twist, as several items appear twice – including two piles of rubbish, and two CCTV cameras.

For the first time ever, hopefuls were forced to audition with a partner this year, prompting speculation that the new series will feature only joint housemates.

The British theme carries over in to the house, which has been transformed in to a ‘village’ that reflects ‘all aspects’ of the UK’.

Big Brother returns to Channel 5 in June.

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