Channel 5 denies ‘month-long’ Celeb BB extension rumour

The Sun had claimed bosses would make current series almost two months long
3 comments - Posted on January 28 2017 at 05:33pm

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Channel 5 has firmly denied a newspaper rumour that claimed Celebrity Big Brother 2017 ‘All Stars’ and ‘New Stars’ could be extended by up to a MONTH.

The Sun reported today that a lengthy extension to the current series was under consideration after Kim Woodburn’s late arrival boosted ratings.

According to the newspaper, bosses were set to end the show on Friday 24th February, three weeks later than originally planned.

However, a spokesperson for the broadcaster has rubbished the report, telling bbspy that the final will still take place this coming Friday (3rd February) – as was announced last week.

“There’s no truth in this,” the rep said. “The final is on Friday.”

The rumour puzzled fans, as CBB typically runs for around a month. The current series is already due to be the joint-longest ever, lasting 32 days.

Had the rumour proved true, it would have ended up running for a total of 53 days – three more than last summer’s shortest-ever ‘civilian’ series.

An extension would have required C5 to renegotiate contracts with the remaining housemates, and would also likely have resulted in new housemates being introduced.

While an extra three weeks would have been unprecedented, C5 has previously extended CBB: the January 2014 series was increased from 22 to 27 days after hitting the 3million viewer mark.

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3 comments on this article

  1. Mike New says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    And as usual some are raising the heat in the house already.

  2. Loyal_BBUK_Fan says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    I wish this series was on TV for another month with evicted housemates returning but can’t win.

    I hope Kim or Jedward win CBB

  3. Brekkie says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    A story which was obviously rubbish but suspect their might be some alternative facts in there sometime – C5 probably looking at extending future series, which is exactly the opposite of what the show needs. Shorter series with fewer HMs would attract a slightly better class of Z-lister, let viewers connect more with HMs and give them the chance to tighten up the format so it’s not one eviction for every six shows of arguments.

    If C5 really want a longer Winter run what they’d be best off doing is forgetting about their obsession with celebrity and actually just run a full regular series. 10 weeks in the winter and 10 in the summer would do fine, and the money saved on celeb fees would compensate for any loss of ratings.

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