Backdoor eviction, special guests for Celeb BB ‘Final Judgement’

Twist will see another housemate leave as Vanessa Feltz hosts a bombshell task
2 comments - Posted on January 27 2017 at 11:27pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars - Vanessa Feltz to lead Final Judgement twist

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 will hold another backdoor eviction on Sunday in a ‘Final Judgement’ twist – which will also see special guests confront the housemates in a task hosted by Vanessa Feltz.

Eight housemates are remaining with less than a week until the series ends following tonight’s double eviction of Jessica and Speidi – but another will be sent packing in less than 48 hours.

Host Emma Willis announced that another backdoor eviction will take place on Sunday – but, unlike Jasmine’s sudden exit during the ‘Weekend from Hell’, this time the public will decide who goes.

As confirmed on Bit On The Side, face-to-face nominations will be held tonight. The public vote opens after tomorrow’s main show and will “freeze” on Sunday afternoon, before the unlucky victim is booted out.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars - Emma Willis

As the name suggests, ‘backdoor evictions’ involve unlucky housemates leaving through a side door to no fanfare, with their exits shown in an edited highlights episode instead of a live show.

Big Brother has now held five such evictions in the last year, including the three that occurred during the latest ‘civilian’ series.

That is not all in store for the ‘Final Judgement’ weekend, as the housemates are set to be “tested like you’ve never seen before” by a series of visitors.

“Some very special guests are gonna be entering the house over the weekend to pass judgement on those housemates over there,” Emma teased. “It’s gonna be pretty mahoosive.”

Emma also let slip on BOTS that this task will be ‘led by’ by former Celebrity Big Brother and Ultimate Big Brother contestant Vanessa Feltz.

Tune in tomorrow night at 10.00pm on Channel 5 and 3e to watch the action.

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  1. Kim says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    :conf: why is there no catch up until the next day, downright unfair and fed up of waiting grrrr

  2. Gnenzn says:
    Tue 31 Jan Reply !

    :sad: :grin: :envy: :sad: :shock: :down: :doh:

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