Celeb BB reveals awesome new comic Diary Room – picture

2 comments - Posted on January 3 2017 at 09:58am

Big Brother 2016 - The Other House Diary Room

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 bosses have set the scene for their comic book with a pop art makeover to the Diary Room for the ‘All Stars/New Stars’ house.

The latest confessional features an eye-catching design that gives the impression the celebrity housemates will be sitting in a 2D animation.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars and New Stars - Diary Room Chair

It resembles a room looking out over a city, with a basic grey chair at the centre. Thick black trims and clever lighting making the scene appear cartoon-like.

The new Diary Room is a stark departure from the usual designs, which typically showcase unusual, oversized chairs. Instant reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans giving it rave reviews on Twitter.

The rest of the new Celebrity Big Brother house was unveiled last week, with most of the interior featuring comic-themed decor.

The garden is covered in colourful graffiti, while the pod now has a club vibe, with images of neon signs on the walls.

Celebrity Big Brother’s latest series begins tonight at 9.00pm.

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2 comments on this article

  1. Jack says:
    Tue 03 Jan Reply !

    Yay my tweet is on here! :up:

  2. SJ says:
    Wed 04 Jan Reply !

    Wow, the whole design and outlet of the house and Diary Room this year is brilliant. Really glad Speidi got a second chance, they seriously got cheated a few years ago and I think the producers realised that. My favourites from the line up I have to say are Bianca, Angie, Calum and Colleen Nolan :happy:

    I bet any money Honey G will be in it this time next year, ahaha.

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