About Stacy

“I say it like I mean it and I hate people who are sneaky.”

What are you looking forward to most about this series of Celebrity Big Brother and why?
I look forward to being in front of the British public because I love England so much I want them to get to know me, and hopefully love me too. And I also look forward to the challenges and putting myself to the test and winning.

Who (or what type of person) would you not want to live with and why?
A traitor; someone who isn’t a team player because I wouldn’t want them to make my life miserable during my time in the house.

Describe yourself in three words…
Feisty, intelligent and spiritual.

15 comments on Stacy

  1. Mike New says:
    Sat 07 Jan Reply !

    Is she bald and is that a wig?

  2. SJ says:
    Tue 10 Jan Reply !

    @Mike New

    That’s a bit offensive now is it not? I think she has gorgeous curls and hair but I’ll admit on first live night when she walked into the house it did look unkempt with the fringe being way too thick and almost covering her eyes.

    Good looking woman, but looks aside I love her style and personality. We need someone like her who isn’t afraid to put themselves out there and personally I think those who nominated her could just be getting intimidated as people in the real world often do by strong women like her and see her as a potential threat maybe but that’s just my take on it :happy:

    Out of everyone, I will be voting for her to stay this Friday.

  3. connie says:
    Wed 11 Jan Reply !

    She is too loud, it gets on your nerves and she hardly ever smiles or laughs, always downcast and negative. She needs to quieten down a bit, be more positive and not so self-absorbed.

  4. Confused says:
    Thu 12 Jan Reply !

    annoying and whinny. Please don’t let her turn this into CBB – The Musical.

  5. Hannah says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    I agree Connie she’s very negative and it’s unnecessary- if she had handled the “edited out” situation more positively then this could have been a different show for her
    She may have a good tuneful singing voice but nasally screaming speaking voice is like finger nails down a blackboard
    That said I do think that somewhere under the fake nails fake hair fake eyelashes fake and fake boobs lies a kind ❤️ heart
    It her potty mouth lets her down she’s trying to keep up with jasmine

  6. SJ1994 says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    Really disliked the way in which she spoke to Chloe about her having no chance with Calum, you can tell by the way Chloe immediately started raging and shouting that she has insecurity issues about herself which to be honest I’m shocked at but also whether she’s good enough for him and Stacy just brought it all out to the surface.

    She better get apologising otherwise I’ll seriously start to go off her too.

  7. Jack says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    Stacey really likes Calum herself and knows she would have no chance with him therefore didn’t like how Chloe thought she had a chance.

    • SJ1994 says:
      Tue 17 Jan !


      Yeah, I did gather that eventually into their three way conversation and if it hadn’t been for Jessica being there and saying look a lot of the girls have been all over him, that’s good for him but he clearly is trying to avoid getting into any love triangles or picking out of a few girls who fancy him it could have very easily turned into a competition of who can get Calum into bed first.

      I also respect Jessica for saying that as friend to Chloe if she really liked him, then she wouldn’t go there, Stacy should have then agreed and no explosive arguments would have happened.

  8. Beautiful says:
    Wed 18 Jan Reply !

    Stacy is the best and no one cares for your opinions. Love ya Stacy!!!

  9. Jack says:
    Fri 20 Jan Reply !

    Stacey is a lose cannon

  10. Mike New says:
    Tue 24 Jan Reply !

    Not often I turn down the volume on the TV!

  11. SJ says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    One of my favourites by a mile this year, Stacy you were so entertaining to watch, you’re partly why I love American humour so much and of course the accent especially in arguments :)

    If it hadn’t been for her explosive argument with Kim, she’d still be in there which to be fair just isn’t on. Kim’s got away with so much more and because of what? She’s an older woman so she can do whatever she likes and not give a f*** about anyone else. I will be complaining to Ofcom.

  12. northernmonkey says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    Gives me a headache so not bothered that she went.

    • SJ says:
      Thu 26 Jan !


      Oh come on, lighten up a bit. We all need a bit of Stacy in our lives, especially when we need a kick up the backside. Ok sometimes she makes a mountain out of a mo hill but I’m glad someone finally gave Kim a good shouting and slanging match. She didn’t come across deliberately nasty or malicious, but she was hilarious.

  13. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Horrid. She came in it all glitz hoping to portray the bubbly fun type girl but her exclusion put a cloud over that from the start and instead of just going along with it she played hard done by. Too erratic, another housemate screaming about respect, she attacked on the twins and was sucking up to James C, its all cowardly behaviour and attacking verbally on Kim, she was the gang-band bully member too. She’s 48, thought she was in her early 20s the way she behaved but her neck gave her age away. On Rylan’s show she said she wanted Kim to cry when her husband was phoning, did that apply to James too when his Dad called, bit bias init.? She was false and come across as unstable

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