About Nicola

“If I’ve got something to say I’ll say it!”

What are you looking forward to most about this series of Celebrity Big Brother and why?
I’m most looking forward to having fun, letting my hair down and not having any responsibilities during my time in the house. Also, getting to sit in the Diary Room chair and say “Hello Big Brother” again.

Why Celebrity Big Brother again?
I wouldn’t have missed out on the chance to be an All Star. However much I got booed when I left last time, I know I was a good housemate.

Describe yourself in three words…
Fun, emotional and confrontational.

46 comments on Nicola

  1. rebel2017 says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    Nicola – boasting about being a ‘glamour’ model turned wife and ‘mother’. Pretending to cry & to miss her kids.

    Yes her vocabulary is limited but you don’t need one or a brain cell to show off your plastic tits, etc.

    Callum & her & the rest of the ‘clique’ all like to dictate how Jedward should ‘act at 25’. They all need to look at themselves and ‘try to change for the better’ : to quote the manly (now looking’/acting very old) Callum.

    Nicola is a control freak : obviously her move to ‘respectability’ has not fulfilled her expectations so she takes it out on 2 guys who have their whole lives ahead of them & may not ruin them the way the majority (except Kim) have.

    What’s really irritating me is the way they keep banging on about how much time they’ve been there & putting kim and jedward down simply for not being there so long.

    Boy must they all feel threatened by the ‘newbies’.

  2. SJ says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    Think about it this way, imagine if her and Kim were the two housemates who left by Tuesday, now that truly would be a miracle. Personally, I could see the dynamics of the house completely changing, no more cliquing, nit picking, hostile or aggressive vibes. It would be really mellow which to be honest would be so refreshing The show needs controversy but we have literally had more than two weeks full of nothing but jealousy, hate, spats and childish squabbles and it isn’t good especially for the housemates’ health all of the time so I think we need to start laying off it and make the last week a peaceful and lovely one. :happy: :up:

  3. Katie says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    The bullying of jedward from that foul mouthed Nicola is absolutely awful and I have lost respect for all the other so called celebs in there they choose both jedward and Kim as easy targets and should all be ashamed of themselves. As for the letters from family I’d be ashamed if any member of my family behaved like them

  4. erinial says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    I’m amazed how blind her fans are. John approached her with his hands in his pockets and she raised her squeaky voice shouting she won’t be intimidated. How was that intimidating? Even if Jedward are making snide remarks, the house deserves it. They need to be more mature? Like not drinking and hitting on husbands friend? Like not being happy when that friend says he’s having sex dreams with you? Like not cry about not being a wallflower and won’t put up with being treated shit by Speidi but then suck up to them? Like not saying lies about who run to open the lights first or knocking before entering the toilet? Like not saying they have seen more parts of you than anyone else in the house but dropped a boob on James C? Yup she’s mature alright…

    • SJ says:
      Mon 30 Jan !


      Omg, that is so well put I can not put it into words! Definitely the most accurate and best comment on Nicola’s profile so far :up: :up: :happy:

  5. northernmonkey says:
    Mon 30 Jan Reply !

    Yes I agree with the above, Nicola is a truly awful person and fake. She is clearly gunning for Jedward and trying but failing to make them look bad as she see’s them as a threat to win/make the final.

    She made that clear in a little chat with Spencer, anyhow it’s backfired on the terrahawk :grin:

  6. SJ says:
    Tue 31 Jan Reply !

    My prediction is Nicola to be voted out and if it turns out to be a double which I think it will, Bianca will follow.

  7. Tilly says:
    Tue 31 Jan Reply !

    well, I love Nicola. I know that she over reacts to Jedward but honestly, if I was living with them I think there would have been bloodshed by now. They are very immature and extremely irritating. The constant noise and the need to answer back to everything said is just mind blowing. They are more than most people could handle 24/7. As for Kim, she is just a horrible person and a full time act.
    I would far rather spend time with Nicola than any of the others in there.

  8. SJ says:
    Wed 01 Feb Reply !

    Ok, her and Bianca definitely will be the next two, they have to be. Final three in exact order:

    2.)James C
    3.)Coleen Nolan

  9. JJ says:
    Wed 01 Feb Reply !

    Nicola has done absolutely nothing wrong. I found her annoying last time round and didn’t like her. However, this time round she is really nice. She is not fake, and stands up to the fake and irritating act that is Jedward. Literally, why can no one see it? Are you joking? I seriously hope so. She has not bullied them, it is the other way around. They know what they’re doing. She is not a ring leader, just stands up for herself and gets on with everybody sane. Kim started on her for absolutely no reason. Nicola flies off the handle, but because she’s provoked, and any normal person would with those freaks in that house. Seriously, Nicola definitely deserves to win. Nice, honest, entertaining. Everything a housemate should be. Definitely better than that pathetic excuse of a joke act. Nicola To Win.

  10. @therealhannah says:
    Wed 01 Feb Reply !

    Actually JJ I think you might be right, I can’t agree with you that she’s done nothing wrong she shouldn’t have gotten so drunk she was gonna make a fool of herself with Jamie, it was thanks to James Jordan that it didn’t happen
    But Kim saw her strengths and recognised strong competition and a potential winner in her, so she was gunning for Nicola from the start, and I think that fed Jedward with the opportunity to take advantage when she was already feeling vulnerable after a Kim bashing.
    She’s vocal and loud and combative but definitely not a bully she’s stuck for others when she felt they were getting picked on, but I wish she hadn’t repeatedly threatened to walk- if they want to leave they should just leave they know where the doors are.
    But all this furor over bulking Jedward is a farce, the “bully” word is thrown about do much these days that it loses meaning, but Jedward are just a rule unto themselves it seems

  11. Sarah-Jane says:
    Wed 01 Feb Reply !

    Sorry, done absolutely nothing wrong? Ha, I beg to differ on that one. For the first 10 days I agree with you entirely with the Kim situation, yeah. It clearly turned out to be a big façade though and after what happened with Kim I think she saw a big opportunity to form a clique and pick on/go against anyone who weren’t quite fitting their expectations or standards. She may have pulled the wool over your eyes but luckily she hasn’t with the majority of the british public. Jedward are very clearly a huge threat, have been from the very beginning and the likes or her and Calum are doing anything they can to shut them down or intimidate them so much they leave the house and for that reason I’m astonished she’s not even had a warning. You’re calling Jedward freaks? See, that’d name calling which comes under bullying and you might not intend it that way but imagine if that’s also what they were doing to them in that house, yeah exactly.

    As for being honest, dear god no offence but she wouldn’t know the meaning of that word if it came up to her and tried to bite her plastic, fake ti*s off. She’s another fake, plastic silicone with no substance but you’re probably a man who fancies a bit of that hot stuff so you can’t see past it to see the reality of the situation can you?

    If Nicola wins, which she has little to no chance of anyway but let’s say she did, that would be the final nail in the coffin for Big Brother.

  12. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Don’t get me started, everything she’s calling Kim is is a self-analysis of herself, nasty, evil and vile, she was like that in the jungle. Swearing and calling people pricks, she’d get thrown off loose women if she spoke like that, she dishes it out but doesn’t like criticism back, going on about womens’ rights, don’t attack on men either, she is one psychological case in point, she’s 35 and like a bullying teenager. She can wear all the make-up and extensions but it doesn’t hide what a horrible person you are. I can’t find anything kind about her. No point going in that house and blubbering that you miss your kids, you will see them again, and go home with a pay cheque, stop whingeing :down:

  13. SJ says:
    Sun 05 Feb Reply !

    Not aimed at JJ, the other one.

    Look you, now I know for a fact you are just saying whatever you can to get my back up. Nobody in a normal, sane state of mind would support that Nicola of all the housemates.

    You are so bang out of order with the way you said that Jedward weren’t really getting bullied and saw an opportunity to take advantage. Eh no, you can tell that whilst these two can be grating and difficult at times, they certainly are not the callous and calculating type and where you got that idea from, heavens knows. I’ve told you before about how I have been terribly bullied myself through all of school and as an adult in some workplaces but it looks like it’s fallen on deaf ears or is this yet another dig at me just like you previously tried to insinuate I may not really have autism and aspergers and that it’s just been used as an excuse or label. Well I stood my ground and gave you a piece of my mind there so I will do the same now. If getting made fun of for wearing glasses, having curly hair, being taller and having broad shoulders and getting discriminated against for having disabilities for a good 12-13 years of your childhood isn’t bullying, what the would you call it? Exactly so trust my judgement on this more as someone who has experienced a hell of a lot of it first hand you judgemental, stuck up smarty pants jackass, yes that’s exactly what you are., no mistake.

    Kim seeing her as a potential strong candidate for winning? HAHAHAHAHA, don’t make me laugh, she was a much younger version of James C the first week when you think about it and she doesn’t exactly have the best of reputations over the years she’s been famous so it would have been almost impossible to sway so many of the public that they would fall in love with you like they have with Kim, Jedward, James C and Speidi, but nice try dear :grin:

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