About Jedward

“Being asked to do All Stars is such an honour!”

What are you looking forward to most about this series of Celebrity Big Brother and why?
It’s such an honour being called an All Star housemate. It’s the Oscars of the reality world! We are real life superheroes connecting with the world and want to embrace the Pop Art life.

Why Celebrity Big Brother again?
To spread more good vibes and show another side to us and on a deeper level.

Describe yourself in three words…  
Jepic, luminous, free-spirited twins.

54 comments on Jedward

  1. JillianVP says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    These two are nothing more than camera bores (I’m being kind and using a more polite rhyming word). I’m tired of seeing their dual antics posted every day.

    When the housemates can’t even tell them apart, that indicates that they have nothing that unique about either of them. They are just two defensive, talent-less clowns that put on a show for their hormone driven fans who will one day grow up and be mortified they ever ‘liked’ them.

  2. connie says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    I hope they stay in just to see them winding Nicola up :grin:

  3. @therealhannah says:
    Fri 27 Jan Reply !

    I don’t think it’s wise to pidgeon hole people, especially ones we have never met and who are in essence paid to perform on reality entertainment programs.
    Sometimes it’s just too easy to put labels on ADHD etc when actually that individual is just being purposely obtuse.

  4. Loopyliz says:
    Fri 27 Jan Reply !

    I love them however if I was tired and they played up as the do it may drive me crackers. They act like my young grand children though they grew out of it by the age of 10years.
    They are what the are, so just take it with a punch of salt. :wink:

  5. SJ says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    I’m sorry, I honestly did not mean to pigeonhole and agree that it can be too easy to do. I have looked into their history and can see there is so much about them that is different but in a good way different and they used to get really badly bullied for it. This is just my opinion, but as someone who has autism and aspergers and yeah the spectrum is very wide but there are quite a lot of symptoms especially with their behaviour, innocence etc. However others could be right about how they play up to the cameras. There would be no harm in them being assessed, it can take years but we’ve got some saying, yeah they’re really bizarre, they must have something not right with them, but others who are adamant they don’t and that they’re lapping it up for air time and attention.

    Once again, I apologise if that’s how it came across.

  6. SJ says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    By the way, you better not be referring in any way to my case regarding the putting labels such as ADHD etc. I’ve said this before but I’ll reiterate that lots of people are so uneducated on this and because they’ve never lived with anyone with these difficulties or had it themselves, they never understand it the same way and will often conclude that it’s fake and has become a good excuse for bad behaviour or poor parenting. I just don’t know how they can when there is evidence it exists. If you look at a normal person’s brain then someone with a mental disability of any kind, you can see differences in the size of the brain.

    I will also have you know that I have been properly diagnosed by my doctor and podiatrists at the age of 7 and was on a three year waiting list to get thoroughly assessed. Now they don’t put families through that amount of stress nor do they spend so much time and resources if such medical conditions simply didn’t exist or were just “labels” as you so kindly put it. Nor would my parents themselves go through all that if they were just looking to label me to excuse me being different and having behavioural difficulties.

    However, there are more and more cases cropping up where people just simply research these disabilities then self diagnose or the family decide to pigeonhole them without even going to their GP, which can be what makes it harder for people not to be cynical, but at the end of the day there’s no excuse in this day and age to be ignorant and uneducated as there is proper proof of it and is a lot more well known about now.

  7. Jack says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    They’ve got such a good chance of winning this. To be fair to the housemates Jedward do take advantage of them to spark reaction at the expense of them for air time. I don’t know if I want any of them to win. If had to choose probably Jedward as I feel they’ve given the most in general. I would like James C to win as he’s been a decent enough guy but has lacked in so many ways. My final 3 are Kim,James,Jedward.

    • erinial says:
      Sun 29 Jan !

      I’m shocked by Speidis betrayal. Jedward always had their backs, saying they’re amazing and believe that they are friends. They should be ashamed. I hope they win and Kim comes 2nd, Coleen 3rd. And James C defending Nicola because of John being intimidating… What a joke! They deserve to win it, treated like shit all the time by “mature” people.

  8. @therealhannah says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    Still can’t get a handle on them, some say when they are being John and Edward they are ok but when they become “Jedward ” they’re unbearable
    He’s shouting about dignity??
    I wasn’t aware they ever had any dignity they might have a fan mail race 🏁 track but I imagine the letters date back 8 years and were written by 11 yr olds ….
    They are just weird little has beens – their voice is ingratiating sliding about on kitchen floors and graffiti all over the mirror is not entertaining it’s just puerile
    Get the out and get them done help.
    In all honesty this year there is t really one worthy winner James C seems the only sensible option to me, but there is no stand out successor as far as I’m concerned.

    • SJ says:
      Tue 31 Jan !


      Excuse me? You of all people throwing the label weird around? Try holding up a mirror to yourself. No their fan mail doesn’t just come from kids actually, if you actually looked at their followers on social media rather than making assumptions, you would find very differently. You’re like Nicola and Calum, far too serious and mature and can’t just relax/have a bit of fun. You think it’s funny and clever to bully on others who maybe don’t mature so quick and still have their innocence. Has beens? Really now, that’s why they’re one of the most popular on the outside, it says something when the housemates on the inside treat them like shi* on their shoe.

  9. SJ says:
    Tue 31 Jan Reply !

    I see the second paragraph of my most recent comment had been moderated and deleted so I shall rewrite it.

    For the record, their fan mail and base online or offline isn’t just young school children, the younger generation as a whole adore them. Rather than make assumptions, maybe you should even take a minute to check out their social media and how popular they are with the general public just now and you’ll see it’s also teenagers and young adults. Weird has beens? Well I’ll tell you something doll, for you of all people on this site to be throwing the label weird around takes some hard neck, my advice: Look in the mirror and take a good long hard look at yourself before criticizing anybody else. Just look at the state of yourself, you are a middle aged, obese, snobby frump who reminds me of Miss Mackie out of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Jedward can be very childish and silly at times, but so what? Life is way too short to not relax, chill out and have some fun, you should try it some time or you’re gonna end up as the next Coleen Nolan except for you not being a famous desperado :grin: :happy: They sure beat having the likes of miserable, too serious dark clouds Nicola or Calum in your lives or being around in that house or out of it.

    Regarding James Cosmo being the only real one in there, give me a break! You may hate them but Jedward are also 100% real on the inside and out, everyone has seen what they’re really like or what they would be like behind the scenes/cameras nor have they had even an ounce of botox punctured into them so just stfu :grin:

    I rest my case :happy:

  10. erinial says:
    Wed 01 Feb Reply !

    Jedward has to win it this time.

    • erinial says:
      Wed 01 Feb !

      I mean have to win it :P

  11. Jack says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    I’m voting for Jedward X10. They deserve it

  12. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Decent lads and hold their own and give them credit, when those men were being foul-mouthed to them they didn’t swear, they were isolated from the pack but able to survive. Reference to them being 25 was made by the others who were 10 years older, Nicola 35 and James Jordan 38! Pot,kettle?

  13. christine ivor griffiths says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    :happy: jedward is so funny chaps.

  14. @therealhannah says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    Fath in humanity restored…..
    They didn’t win !!!🙏 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

  15. SJ says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    Faith in humanity is far from restored when a has been and pathetic excuse of an attention seeking, hypocritical, two faced, fake and extremely undesirable dreg like Coleen Nolan even has a good chance of winning a show like Big Brother. Without Jedward or Kim who should have been 1st and 2nd place, what would have happened to the viewing figures and ratings? Yeah exactly, if everyone had been a bit like James C although unlike Coleen at least he is highly regarded, adored, likeable and a legend in the making, the show would have had no spark or umph keeping the viewers lured in and interested. She contributed to nothing that made the show one of the best it’s ever been in my opinion and if sitting around on your fat, lazy ass all day smoking, gorging on food, complaining and whinging about other housemates behind their backs is what makes someone a worthy winner well then the definition of that has sadly changed.

    I can see many boycotting the show now after this, I know I will be and it all just stinks of one huge fix.

    Btw, why do you always have to show off with your big words and posh, stylised vocabulary huh? Oh wait a minute, that’s already been covered in one of my previous posts, superiority complex. Well it’s starting to get a bit pathetic now and you think that because you’re some middle aged frump and loser, obese and can’t maintain a happy, joyful marriage that you have to make up for those shortcummings. Well it’s certainly and never will be smart or funny, it just makes you look like a know it all who is always out to correct others and know better than they do.I dread to think how much you must alienate and annoy the crap out of people in real life, I really do, feel sorry for them actually. :grin:

  16. SJ says:
    Sun 05 Feb Reply !

    Well done you two, you did so well, ignore the haters and keep it real :wink: :up: Can’t think of any other housemate who have been robbed as much as these two and Kim :down: Not happy with you Big Brother.

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