About James J

“The Brad Pitt of the dance world”

What are you looking forward to most about this series of Celebrity Big Brother and why?
A chance to have more fun and cause more mayhem. People either love me or hate me. Everyone booed me…but I won’t play the game just to get cheers. I want people to like me for who I truly am.

Why Celebrity Big Brother again?
I had a really brilliant experience the first time around so I jumped at the chance to do it again. I know what to expect!

Describe yourself in three words…
Honest, fun and loyal.

22 comments on James J

  1. connie says:
    Sun 08 Jan Reply !

    Didn’t like him last time and so far my opinion hasn’t changed.
    He instigated ‘watergate’ but wouldn’t do the ‘dirty work’ himself, asking Bianca instead, putting Bianca in Speidis bad books now. He also has an obvious dislike of Americans getting digs in, like he did last time..

    • erinial says:
      Sun 08 Jan !

      Agree 100%

  2. Lucy says:
    Sun 08 Jan Reply !

    The guy is an A***hole. :down:

    • northernmonkey says:
      Mon 09 Jan !

      His face looks like a baboon – it’s a**e :grin:

  3. Confused says:
    Thu 12 Jan Reply !

    What an ego!! Homophobic bully. Do your job CBB admin and boot him out.

  4. connie says:
    Thu 12 Jan Reply !

    Austin started fighting back, insulted him and kicked him up the arse now Austin is standing up to him he has backed off and made friends which shows what a coward he is.

  5. Confused says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Looks like James is trying to steal Bear’s game plan. Unfortunately for James, Bear cam across as goofy, playful, and oblivious, while James is clearly calculating, malicious and nasty.

  6. connie says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    Agree with Confused 100%

  7. Sarah thornton says:
    Sun 15 Jan Reply !

    :up: i don t mind james jordan but he is my 4th place this is my decision

    • Hannah says:
      Sun 15 Jan !

      Who are four Sarah?

  8. Hannah says:
    Sun 15 Jan Reply !

    Sorry your 4 obvs James being 4th place ?

  9. [email protected] Hariwyn2 says:
    Sun 15 Jan Reply !

    James is my 4th place he is my 4th placr look he seems okay and I quite like him now if you understand this

  10. sarah thornton says:
    Sun 15 Jan Reply !

    Janes Jordan he is my 4th place always my 4th place

    • SJ1994 says:
      Mon 16 Jan !

      Sarah, what Hannah was asking is who are in your top 3 before James in 4th place?

      I love James, his honesty is so refreshing and has a great sense of humour. If only he was 10 years younger and not married to such a gorgeous woman :) :wink: :heart:

  11. Hannah says:
    Mon 16 Jan Reply !

    I like James this time round, he’s a stirrer but his heart is the right place, he’ll take on the boys but I’ve yet to here him be rude to the women and he made sure Nicola didn’t make a complete fool of herself I’d be happy for him to win 🤗

  12. Jack says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    James is the best wind up merchant haha.

  13. connie says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    He’s malicious. Now and then his nasty malicious side comes out and when he thinks about what he’s done he reins it in and tries to turn it around. Also, he doesn’t like when the tables are turned.

  14. Jack says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    I feel like he would throw me under the bus.

  15. Jack says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    He’s got a good chance of winning

  16. Mike New says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    He threw himself under the bus with the nominations he made.

  17. connie says:
    Wed 18 Jan Reply !

    He should have gone in and just been himself. A game plan like his was never going to work, he was hurting too many people.

  18. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Nasty, vicious and likes winding people up to get a reaction that gives him a sense of power. He was nasty to Kim demeaning her as a cleaner. He had to go. And now he’s forgotten

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