About Coleen

“I’m looking forward to no phone, no emails!”

What are you looking forward to most about this series of Celebrity Big Brother and why?
I’m looking forward to leaving the real world for a month; no phone, no emails, no school run, no cooking!

Why Celebrity Big Brother again?
My personal life is at a bit of a crossroads at the moment and I really need some time out to think about my future. CBB asked me at exactly the right time, any other time and I would probably have said no. Let’s hope I’ve made the right decision.

Describe yourself in three words…
Loyal, trustworthy and truthful.

28 comments on Coleen

  1. northernmonkey says:
    Mon 09 Jan Reply !


  2. SJ says:
    Tue 10 Jan Reply !

    I really do not think she should be reappearing on this show. She thinks it’s what she needs to try and save her marriage, on top of that she has a therapy and counselling show dedicated to her. That is all the last thing she needs, what she needs is a good dose of something called a reality check.

    She wants the nation to all start crying and feel nothing but sympathy and pity and it’s all just starting to borderline on pathetic. No wonder she nominated Angie, she certainly does put her to shame. Seriously though, she sits about wondering why she can’t stay married, why the word divorce is so dominant in her life right now. Just look at the state of her. All stinks of desperation and on top of that she does nothing but whinge about everything.

    Coleen, just take a good long hard look at yourself or do you already kind of know the truth but are in so much denial you can’t face up to it like a grown up you’re supposed to be? Do the british public a huge favour, pack your cases and get out.

  3. connie says:
    Tue 10 Jan Reply !

    Some housemates are not contributing at all and might as well be invisible, at least Coleen is giving us some input.

    • SJ says:
      Tue 10 Jan !

      The only thing that pathetic excuse of a “celebrity” is contributing is slagging others off, gossiping and in that stupid game she twerked and tried to do a sexy dance right in Calum’s face. Talk about desperate attempts to make her husband jealous. HA, no one n their right mind would go anywhere near it even if they got paid a million quid to. I can see straight through it all, passively manipulating the public to give her sympathy/empathy votes just so that she can make a quick extra few bucks in case her marriage goes down the drain. Let’s just hope that in the event she doesn’t leave or have to that the public won’t fall for it but we can be a really foolish, gullible bunch so I won’t get my hopes up.

  4. Hannah says:
    Thu 12 Jan Reply !

    I’m afraid she’s lost any dignity she was still clinging onto.
    Very negative – shocked that the public voted her most two faced obviously delusional because she incorrectly believes that everyone loves Loose Women which is ridiculous it’s the most nepotistic and sycophantic TV ever, all we heard about was her boys engagement to the odd one in little Mix and how her marriage was floundering- for gods sake she’s as bad as Katie’s price !
    Loose Lips sink ships
    And Colleen is Titanic

  5. connie says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    I hope she stays in, I like a good gossip.

    • SJ1994 says:
      Sat 14 Jan !

      Well you are part of what’s representing what’s gone badly wrong with today’s entertainment industry and one of the worst traits in most women, loving to gossip. *sigh*

  6. connie says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    Listening to them gossip is the only way we know what is going on since there is no live feed anymore.

  7. Jack says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    Coleen is struggling in there I feel for her.

  8. connie says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    I think she is calming down a bit now.

  9. Jack says:
    Sat 21 Jan Reply !

    Out of the four I feel Coleen should have gone. Chloe was funny and Coleen is always smoking.

    • SJ1994 says:
      Mon 23 Jan !

      Whilst I really don’t like this woman and and feel strongly that it’s what she didn’t need, I would have her as a housemate over Kim any day if I absolutely had to choose solely based on the way they act and if they are housemates you can bear to be around 24/7. Whilst Coleen is boring she is someone you wouldn’t trust with a secret however she would never go out her way to bully or intimidate anyone and keeps the peace unlike Kim. She has made quite a few of the housemates very uncomfortable and miserable and there is no way on earth she would have survived that eviction had she been a man or a much younger woman. Age shouldn’t mean that someone can just say or do whatever they want whenever they want nor should respect be automatically given. It has to be earned and regardless of age if someone clearly disrespects others, looks down on them or goes out their way to embarrass or humiliate them in front of others well they don’t deserve it. I think it’s a disgrace that they can still justify paying her every penny of her paycheck because anywhere else behaviour like that would be against rules so it should be no different on a tv show if you’re rich enough but obviously in this case it is. Also because of this whole ratings thing coming first, it doesn’t matter how you treat others s long as you don’t actually physically assault or attack anyone.

  10. connie says:
    Tue 24 Jan Reply !


    How can you say that about Snow White :grin:

  11. @therealhannah says:
    Tue 24 Jan Reply !

    How can Coleen sit and sulk about the fact that no body “stopped” spencer growling in her face?
    She’s isolating James C and turning people against him. She so passive agressive saying that every one is scared of spencer why can’t she just tell him to get out of her face herself instead of playing the victim?
    She’s such a malicious character!

  12. connie says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    People do play pranks in the CBB house, always have and always will. Why not just say ha ha very funny, now clear off, instead of making a big drama out of it. This is what you have signed up to after all. He was obviously joking which is why the other housemates found it funny, why would they stop him? it was over in seconds and not malicious. Coleen is being a drama queen.

  13. SJ says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    She needs to go.

  14. SJ says:
    Mon 30 Jan Reply !


    Hey, what did you make of her tough criticism from John Mccririck last night? I don’t get why everyone’s blasting him for it but that’s just my opinion. All he really said was how could she be in the job she’s in and give advice to others when she had so many marital and health issues herself. It’s just like when some people say to doctors and nurses who are obese, well you’re clearly not healthy so how are you fit to do that job?

    Us brits are terrible in my opinion for not being able to handle the truth or what I like to call a reality check and I’m glad someone has finally given it to this pathetic excuse of a woman never mind a celebrity.

  15. @therealhannah says:
    Mon 30 Jan Reply !

    TBH honest he didn’t tell her anything she didn’t already know, and to a certain degree I think her recent traumas in her personal life can only furnish her with experiences they will help her fulfill her agony aunt role – although she should quit smoking- I am genuinely shocked at how many of them smoke I honestly thought most celebs feel it’s a disgusting habit ( which it is and I say that as an ex smoker of donkeys years now)
    However coming from the filthy hairy obnoxious misogynyistic John McCririck, I think she should have pointed out that even if she was ( as he suggested) a poor example of an agony aunt, she IS still employed as one, where as he had been sacked by channel 4 as he was deemed to be off putting to viewers ( and rightly so, he needs to go and have a bath – urgh !

    • SJ says:
      Tue 31 Jan !


      She may still be employed as one but she shouldn’t be and that was partly his point. I don’t give a shi* about her personal experiences, she’s a hypocrite and a waste of space. If her husband leaves her after this, well I say good on him. She uses stories like her sister having cancer and dying and her son wanting to change his surname to gain public sympathy, she milks and craves it so much, it stinks of desperation. She’s well past her sell by date and needs taken off TV asap. Second step would be her employer taking on a copycat version of Alan Sugar and pointing their finger and saying, Coleen, you’re fired! Would be entertaining to watch if that appeared on the tv one night and then in the final which she will no doubt get to, her husband appears with some much younger glamour model and says, Coleen, we’re finished! Hahahaha. God, that would be the best TV gold in a long while :grin: :grin:

  16. @therealhannah says:
    Tue 31 Jan Reply !

    Sarah Jane,
    I’m no fan of Coleen, if you have been reading and understanding my posts then that is clearly case but I do feel your quite vitriolic with your statements- no one, not even Colleen would want to make money from a siblings suffering of cancer.
    As to her marriage problems my post suggests that because she has or is going through the situation herself then it could put her in a better position to give advice due to being more empathetic having been there herself.
    Your post implies that you want her husband to ridicule her and walk out of their marriage on TV so that you can laugh and congratulate yourself on your predictions
    I find that image rather cruel, much like the Romans baying for blood in the collesium.
    So I’m hoping that’s just immaturity on your part, having never been married, because most couple even when they split, after the initial anger and hurt has subsided, don’t wish to hurt their ex partner to that debilitating degree, particularly if children are involved.
    Most people don’t take pleasure in destroying the Father/Mother of their children.
    So like I say, I’ll put that comment down to immaturity and not genuine schadenfreude.

  17. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Got serious reservations about her as an advice columnist in the Daily Mirror. Moody, shocked that she can’t see through that group she hangs out with, She’s 52 and relates to people half her age, act your age Coleen. I had a lot of respect for her before, as a household name, but I’m really disappointed with her behaviour, she comes across as sour, Its a strange mutual respect amongst bullies, how would she react if Nicola spoke to her the way she did to Kim? She’s got issues and gone in that house to get away from a situation for awhile, She didn’t like what she was hearing from John in that kangaroo court, but it was just a few home truths and she went ballistic later, Fact; she smokes, don’t know if too much, don’t know what she eats, but for the sake of her health she could quit the ciggies

  18. Jack says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Worst winner. 👎

    • SYLVIE says:
      Fri 03 Feb !

      :up: well said Jack

  19. Linda says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Well done Collen .Trustworthy winner I enjoyed watching you and I enjoy you on loose woman your a funny woman you make me laugh so thank you Coleen well done again 😀

  20. SJ says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    That result must be fixed, don’t believe for a second that she got the most votes out of everyone tonight, sorry. We really should threaten to do what she threatened if Kim or Jedward won and have it looked into officially. I seriously would not be surprised one bit if she has had the goods on Rylan, Emma or any of the crew and that’s why she’s ended up winning.

    I will have you know right now that my comments/statements are never intentionally made out of malice. I sometimes am prone to having a darker and sadistic sense of humour, sometimes it’s more silly and childlike which is partly why I relate to Jedward so well. They remind me very much of myself when I was younger and more naïve. Most importantly though, I have my serious and honest side and it often gets me mistaken for being vile or nasty when really I’m just speaking my mind and trying to get across how strongly I can’t stand someone, especially when it comes to celebrities. We have different opinions and that’s fine but I just want to assure you that it’s also not down to immaturity. I may be single and never married yet and that often makes people think I hardly know anything when that is far from the case. If you asked any family of mine the last term they would think of is immature apart from maybe when I make social mistakes and not always being able to control my emotions if I’m frustrated or don’t understand a situation from the others’ perspective. I’m only 22, but sometimes I feel that because I am very intellectual, a deep thinker and can be wise beyond my years that I should be double my age or lived much longer than I have.

  21. sylvie says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Don,t think she deserve to of won.
    She was playing a game in the house. Very sad person. Hope she sorts her problems.
    How could she ignore kim when Kim was leaving the house. Not a very good housemate.
    her and james C were a good miserable pair.
    Sorry Coleen

  22. Jack says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    How to win Big Brother: be diplomatic,smoke 24/7 and moan aaallllll the time. Haha. She was good at times and was semi normal but when her highlights went through I lmao they were so bland. I think someone commented about her being sad above and I completely agree. Her poor chest sounded so unhealthy in interview. Just ashame someone so blessed takes her health for granted.

  23. jack stuart says:
    Mon 31 Jul Reply !

    love coleen but she’s struggling but everyone in the house loves her

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