About Chloe

What are you looking forward to most about Celebrity Big Brother and why?
Getting drunk and meeting new people. Also teaching housemates how to dance the right way!

What kind of housemate do you think you’ll be?
A friendly one and the best dancer! Also the most down to earth one.

Describe yourself…
Perky boobs and a chicken nugget lover!

49 comments on Chloe

  1. SJ1994 says:
    Thu 19 Jan Reply !


    No I don’t think they are either and if it’s not all been scripted or staged then she’s definitely got some kind of mental health issue because the same arguments always come out of her mouth and it’s funny that how if she puts her opinion in and they all stick up for themselves or each other she suddenly becomes a victim and they’re all gangheaded against her.

    She needs removed from the house with immediate effect just like she would be in any other setting and I honestly think had they stepped in a couple of days ago before it turned really manic/horrible and issued her with a final warning she would have held back a lot more and it wouldn’t have spiralled out of control. If she’s still in there tomorrow night I will be complaining to Ofcom as I think thousands of others will too.

    Whose with me? :up: :grin:

  2. Hannah says:
    Thu 19 Jan Reply !

    The thing is I don’t think she has actually broken any rules. Although she does invade people’s personal space – she is just a pain in the arse. So apart from her wrapped opinions I don’t see that they can eject her – not until she either hits someone or a actually gets physical in some way
    I don’t think she has a mental health issue I think she knows exactly what she’s doing, she is intentionally antagonising anyone and everyone to breaking point. That’s her plan. And she thinks that the public will keep her in because it makes explosive TV
    I’m sure she will be nominated- then it’s up to us to get her out and ensure her plan backfires

    • SJ1994 says:
      Thu 19 Jan !


      Sorry, not broken any rules? She may not be physically hurting or bullying anyone but it’s verbal and mental which can be just as serious if not even more. I don’t care how anyone tried to excuse it, bullying. She may be a pain in the arse in saying to everyone what she really thinks but it’s the way she’s doing it in such an aggressive, hostile and abusive way, that’s when it becomes more than just being a pain. She’s also using her wrapped opinions to constantly tear people down and slander them and it’s creating a really uncomfortable and upsetting environment for the housemates. There’s a few even wanting to leave so I’m sorry Hannah but we will have to agree to differ.

  3. Angie says:
    Thu 19 Jan Reply !

    OMG that chloe please get that vile creature out asap

  4. Hannah says:
    Thu 19 Jan Reply !

    I think maybe you have misunderstood me. I agree with everything you have just said, what I’m trying to say though is that BB loves this type of controversy. She’s abhorrent in every way. And the likes of you and I would love to throw her out.
    But she hasn’t actually broken bb’s rules – hence she stayed in the spare room and they had to let her back into the house this morning. Do you see what I mean ?

    • SJ1994 says:
      Thu 19 Jan !


      Yes I understand they love that type of controversy but like anywhere else theirs standards of behaviour and rules to do with conduct, it wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else. So yeah I get your points but I don’t understand it because for that to be accepted just for the sake of controversy sounds nuts to me.

      Anybody whose really young watching this especially who has been quite comfortable and sheltered might think, oh that kind of behaviour is acceptable but in the real world it’s not. It’s a terrible message to send across to certain age groups, but that’s just my opinion.

  5. Hannah says:
    Thu 19 Jan Reply !

    Regarding Chloe – she’s a really sad individual- she gets naked on whim rubs her clit where ever she likes and doesn’t think it means anything
    ….then she gives Calum very little option to refuse one goodnight kiss ……
    …….over analysed the situation y discussing it at lengt with Jessica… and concluded that “it must mean something”

    She needs to leave the house and go back to school, get an education and rethink her life

    James did say it’s a sad life ahead of her and it looks like he is spot on

  6. connie says:
    Fri 20 Jan Reply !

    She knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows Calum doesn’t fancy her, all this is play acting for air time. She knew if Jessica started a romance with him she would be out in the cold with no storyline or airtime. Therefore, she is making sure Jessica doesn’t get a look in.

  7. Hannah says:
    Fri 20 Jan Reply !

    She’s out in cold now thank god !
    I even warmed to Coleen a little when she said “Chloe is everything I would never want my daughter to be ”
    That’s the most sensible comment she’s made since going in there

  8. northernmonkey says:
    Sat 21 Jan Reply !

    Didn’t last long. Happy to never having to see the person again.

  9. Mike New says:
    Sat 21 Jan Reply !

    Shame. I was getting to like her ;o(

    • SJ1994 says:
      Sun 22 Jan !


      Totally agree, I don’t believe for a minute she received the least amount out of everyone in there, especially over that dreadful Kim. There’s no way she would still be in there if she had been in the same age group as Chloe or was a man, which makes it even worse. Can’t put my finger on it, but it just smells of a fix.

  10. SJ1994 says:
    Sun 22 Jan Reply !

    Should have put Mike New next to the @.

  11. Hannah says:
    Tue 24 Jan Reply !

    Oh I’m not gonna worry over a sad little weirdo I think the majority of people are sane enough to read the narrative and work out it has been posted by “fake Hannah” – it’s probably the same guy with several ip addresses on several devices. But obviously if you get any more sick comments aimed at you professing to me then you know there not the case – apparently
    I’m now a diabetic closet lesbian 😂 But Dave thinks I’m his kinda woman ! .you know what they say .. little things please little minds, and I can only assume that little is the key word here !

  12. SJ says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    BBSpy, it’s still got Chloe marked down as “Present”. “Evicted” needs to be uploaded to her picture.

  13. SJ says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    Sure is much quieter without her, really was hoping she would make it much further. I don’t think the granny glasses did her many favours, totally ruined her image.

  14. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Too loud and wild and immature but there was a nice side to her, needs to grow up though.

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