About Calum

“I like to be tested…”

What are you looking forward to most about this series of Celebrity Big Brother and why?
The unique experience that tests and brings all sorts of feelings and emotion. I like to be tested and like to learn from new experiences, sharing who I am and what I’m about with the public.

Why Celebrity Big Brother again?
Last time was a very memorable experience that only really worked well for me and my mindset after I left, so why not try to do the same again?

Describe yourself in three words…
Charming, generous and naughty.

51 comments on Calum

  1. connie says:
    Wed 18 Jan Reply !

    I quite like him but don’t think he deserves to win.

  2. Jack says:
    Wed 18 Jan Reply !

    Yeah agreeded not quite a worthy winner.

  3. Oxford says:
    Fri 20 Jan Reply !

    Callum “Best” (and I have my doubts that poor old George is/was his father) would walk over you and probably tread on you to avoid a puddle if you were badly injured or dying in the road to get to a shag he desired. IMO that is the type of character he is. Gets what he wants whatever, never worked, has no empathy with the REAL world, the only sweat he would work up is in the bedroom, then on the pleasurable encounter. Vile sub-human with no humanity whatsoever.

  4. Jack says:
    Fri 20 Jan Reply !

    If he was like that he wouldn’t care about the tasks,housemates or getting involved. He is very good with all the girls even though they keep throwing themselves at him. He has supported many housemates when they were down and upset. He owns a gym,he has done modelling,wrote books etc. I’m sure he has worked hard and it’s easy to judge just looking from the outside. He is a great business man who has made a lot of money for himself. The description you gave reminds me of most celebrities haha.

  5. Jack says:
    Sat 21 Jan Reply !

    So disappointing when he hit the button and threw Kim under the 🚌 👎

  6. LeslieKay says:
    Tue 24 Jan Reply !

    :grin: love me some callum . he can win or he can lose – and he can come back again . lol

  7. northernmonkey says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    Not adding much to the show of late.

  8. connie says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    I think has has spent the whole time pondering on how he is coming across to the public. Seems to keep his emotions under check and is so desperate to always be the nice guy.

    • BigBroFan-90 says:
      Thu 26 Jan !

      absolutely agree with you Connie! :up:
      the most you see of Calum is if some girl in the house is trying to pursue him. I didn’t like the other night with Heidi and Spencer when he was telling them what Coleen was saying after being woken up by Spencer during the night, when she was not in the wrong. He seems to flit and there is nothing wrong with getting on with everyone but he just seems like he is very desperate for everyone inside and outside of the house to like him, when he is as entertaining as watching paint dry. In my opinion of course!

  9. Mike New says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    A real waste of money IMO. Has done nothing to earn his fee.

  10. Mike New says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    Showing his true colours. Get him out.

  11. Lacee says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    Aboustley appaulling the way he spoke to jedward,he didn’t even see what happened with evil Nicola,showing the person he really is downing the alcohol.bunch of bullies to jedward so what if they don’t act there age that’s up to them hope he goes and drama queen Nicola.

    • erinial says:
      Sat 28 Jan !

      @Lacee agree 100%. I hope there won’t be another mistake like saving Bianca.

    • Peter says:
      Sun 29 Jan !

      Couldnt have said it better. :up: :up: :grin:

  12. Lacee says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    All celebs the same in that house,apart from Coleen,jedward,James c,Kim I no kind not got off to the best start but she’s grounded celeb in like the rest.

  13. Peter says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    Calum best worse horse mate ever.rather watch paint dry, to talk bout jedward the witch mcclean lads call her spot on.all calum does knock drink back slags jedward of way act,next min throwing water bout dickhead.

    • Peter says:
      Sun 29 Jan !

      House should say.

  14. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    glad he went and not soon enough. Wild, talks about the twins should have some respect, he needs to respect himself, his body

  15. @therealhannah says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    I’m confused Paul what does your post mean ?

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