About Bianca

“I can’t wait to let my hair down!”

What are you looking forward to most about Celebrity Big Brother and why?
What I’m looking forward to most about going in the Big Brother house is having some fun! I’ve been working so hard lately so I really can’t wait to let my hair down!

Who (or what type of person) would you not want to live with and why?
I wouldn’t like to live with any selfish housemates; ones that aren’t team players who wouldn’t even give certain tasks a go! I haven’t got time for that.

Describe yourself in three words…
Fun, passionate and strong.

27 comments on Bianca

  1. northernmonkey says:
    Mon 09 Jan Reply !

    Simple minded but sweet girl.

  2. SJ says:
    Tue 10 Jan Reply !

    Another one of my favourites. I feel sorry for her with the way a lot of the public have been judging her and yeah maybe if it hasn’t been for her Dad, she wouldn’t have it all but the fact is she has done very well for herself with modelling, appearing on reality tv and running her own business. Often going into those kind of industries carries off a reputation and I have to say she seems a good natured person with a wise head on her shoulders. Only criticism is there’s time I feel she’s been a bit too quiet and come out of her shell more. Stunning on the outside as well as on the inside is my overall impression and that is very rare women as glamorous and beautiful as she is :up: :up: :up:

  3. connie says:
    Tue 10 Jan Reply !

    She comes across and good natured and sweet. She sometimes sits staring with her mouth open which unfortunately makes her look gormless.

  4. Becks says:
    Wed 11 Jan Reply !

    Why does she use the surname Gascoigne?

    Paul Gasgoigne (Gazza) is NOT her father. Gazza became her step-father when he married her mother Sheryl (Bianca was her child from her previous marriage). However, Paul and Sheryl divorced in early 1999 (18 years ago) when Bianca was 12 years old.

    It wouldn’t be for the publicity, could it? Surely not.

  5. Hannah says:
    Thu 12 Jan Reply !

    Kind hearted but needy and yes she needs to let go of “Gazza” – she’s lunched out on his name long enough
    And please get rid of the mermaid weave, your more Rocky Mitchell than Daryl Hannah – and 👀 look what happend to her and Ronnie last week 😝

    • Jule says:
      Fri 13 Jan !

      :down: :down: :down:
      Hannah – How dare you say that about Bianca. That is very rude.
      Her hair is lovely. I want hair like that.
      Go Bianca… yeah! Go girl.

      I think I would be Bianca’s best friend in real life if I every met her. Me and Bianca – yeah, team Bianca.

  6. Hannah says:
    Thu 12 Jan Reply !

    Roxy Mitchell not rocky 😲

  7. Hannah says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Listen I don’t hate Bianca – she’s not that important to me to feel such a strong emotion be it positive or negative.
    I have however done a little wiki google and it transpires that Biancas real father is Mr Kyle who was married to her mother far longer than her marriage to Gazza,
    It states that Gazza abused Sheryl both verbally and physically and for those of us old enough to remember this was common knowledge and was indeed all over the press, the marriage only lasted for 2 years ( well Colleens jokes are older than that!)
    What I didn’t realise though was that according Sheryl Gazza was also physically abusive to Biannca and her brother and he was also charged with that in court…………
    So it does beg the question, why after 18 years of not having him as a step father, and why having seen your mother suffer, and why having suffered at the hands of the man yourself …do you insist on using his surname and referring to him as Dad ??
    I doubt she did suffer but it’s find she earned a living herself and not by using his name

  8. Hannah says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Gosh – predictive text driving me nuts !
    I meant I don’t doubt she suffered as in I’m sure it was horrendous for them …
    But it’s time she earned a living without trading on his name

  9. Jule says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Yeah, go Bianca! We all love you. Go girl.

    I love Bianca’s hair and her weave. BFF. Call me girl.
    Team Bianca forever and ever.

    I want to be Bianca. Yeah.

  10. Hannah says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Deduce not seduce 😂

  11. SJ1994 says:
    Thu 19 Jan Reply !

    Well done you and Nicola for not letting that Kim Woodburn get under your skin or at least when she was present, you behaved like proper ladies and have class.

  12. connie says:
    Mon 23 Jan Reply !

    Beautiful girl but seems to lack personality. Jamie must find her boring as he seems to be trying to warn her off any relationship now.

  13. SJ says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    I feel like the Bianca Gascoigne we’ve been seeing is a total fraud now. Just in case anybody on here hasn’t seen Bit on The Side last night, there was an exclusive and it’s going to be revealed that Bianca isn’t actually single afterall and actually has a boyfriend outside the house. She had said to Stacy and Nicola one night that she was in a relationship that had been on and off but they were on a break or something like so they aren’t actually going out so she’s been lying to everyone.

    Should have known she seemed too perfect, when you think about it she has been.

  14. @therealhannah says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    Total fraud sarah? That’s interesting I’ll think about that one for a bit longer ?? Yes perhaps we should have realised she was too perfect, ironic really that turn of phrase.

  15. SJ says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    Just what are you getting at? It’s you who seems too perfect and I have lectured you about that when we had an argument about Kim once. Do you know what, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was you who wrote all these supposed fake comments under your name, just to put the spotlight on yourself and who knows? You were probably showing your true feelings about me in a way you could without me knowing and thinking it was some other troll. The experience I’ve had online and in real life with people like that well I certainly wouldn’t be surprised one little bit.

  16. northernmonkey says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    Bit naughty if she has a man on the outside.

  17. SJ says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    She will be evicted on Friday, guaranteed.

  18. Derek says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    :sad: Really nervous for Bianca this eviction, she is my favorite housemate this season and I really hope I don’t see her go :sad:

  19. connie says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    Complete and utter showmance, bye Bianca

  20. Jack says:
    Fri 27 Jan Reply !

    I think it will be Bianca first and then Jessica as it’s a double eviction.

  21. connie says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    Oh no, we’ve got to put up with more slobbering in the toilet :down:

  22. SJ says:
    Mon 30 Jan Reply !

    Actually I’ve decided this bimbo needs given the boot, yes even over Kim. Who’d have ever thought I’d hate any of the others more than her a week ago? Her and Nicola, bye bye please :grin:

  23. Mike New says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    I just hope she doesn’t get paid for wearing those eyelashes!!!

  24. erinial says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    I still can’t believe Bianca is in the final…

  25. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Not much going on with her, she’s like Nicola, a carbon copy, part of the gang-hand bullies. She’s 30, I thought she was 20

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