About Austin

“This time around I am more confident, stronger and have my s**t together…”

What are you looking forward to most about this series of Celebrity Big Brother and why?
I’m looking forward to going back in, as the last experience was great. Testing your social interactions, and in this case to the breaking point, is always a fun experiment. I’m really looking forward to meeting my new housemates and hopefully making a few friends.

Why Celebrity Big Brother again?
I had such an amazing experience during my first time in the house and found it very cathartic. I was able to learn a lot about myself and about my character flaws.

Describe yourself in three words…
Honest, eccentric and gregarious.

13 comments on Austin

  1. connie says:
    Sun 08 Jan Reply !

    I hope we see the old Austin back. Perhaps he’s yet to make a close friendship and feels a bit lost. His hatred for Speidi is spoiling his experience.

  2. northernmonkey says:
    Tue 10 Jan Reply !

    Unsure. Can be a bit too much.

  3. SJ says:
    Tue 10 Jan Reply !

    What a complete and utter a**hole and pr*ck, that’s all I can say. Trying to pick on Stacy and start arguments. He out of everyone certainly does not and can not criticize anyone for being too out there or loud. As far as I can see he’s so far up his own arse and everything has to be centred around him or his feelings. Nasty, evil house? He’s creating it and you can tell a lot of it is for the cameras and to get all of the attention on him and no one else.

    Good on James for stepping in and putting him in his place.

  4. northernmonkey says:
    Wed 11 Jan Reply !

    Becoming a nasty piece of work, especially after a few drinks. Bully boy.

  5. northernmonkey says:
    Wed 11 Jan Reply !

    Bored of his tears too. Get him out.

  6. Hannah says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Meant stripping off 😝

  7. Hannah says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Oh wow well I’d hoped he would go, but I didn’t realise it would be so soon, but he was just a pain this time around

    • SJ says:
      Sat 14 Jan !

      Totally agree with you Hannah, but that twist last night I just did not expect that twist. When Emma said the most boring housemate would receive a wreath with skulls on I figured well skelton=death which would equate to someone losing their place in the house and leaving. I think the housemates clued up on it as well and were voting tactfully because is no way on earth Austin was the most dull, quite the opposite but not for good reasons.

  8. connie says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    The whole thing has backfired. He was not the most dull and it makes a mockery of the public vote.

  9. Hannah says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    To be honest even though I watch the show I don’t often vote anymore not since Helen wood ( where is she now btw ? I know she’s banned from Ch5 thank goodness) anyway I just felt the whole thing is a bit shady, so I don’t bother voting. Perhaps that’s rather hypocritical it I think everyone is still entitled to have an opinion.
    Austin was genuinely shocked but all that fake emotion about missing his new boyfriend along with the shrill shouting and desperate need for attention just turned people off him imo.

  10. northernmonkey says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    Yes, strange twist. Whatever people think of him, he was not the dullest housemate in there.

    Ah well.

  11. connie says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    I want a refund.

  12. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Austin and James Jordan were like bitches, thought they’d come to blows and when Austin was parading around in those budgie smugglers he was wobbling when he got worked up, that would have been funny if James Jordan had had a row with him like that. Did you notice James Jordan go red and then need the toilet when Austin walked off/

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