bbspy Ultimate Big Brother Popularity Poll: The results

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bbspy Ultimate Popularity Poll

Our readers have spoken, their fates are sealed – it’s time to reveal which of our Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother legends you have voted as the Ultimate Popularity Poll Champion!

A few weeks ago, we marked our 100th Pop Poll by launching a head-to-head battle between fourteen the housemates that received the most votes from each series.

It was, well, not a very close-fought race – the eventual winner surged to the top early on in the voting and remained there throughout.

But before we officially name our champion of champions, here’s the rundown of where everyone ranked, alongside some facts and stats from our Pop Poll history. (Beneath each candidate we’ve listed their ‘original Pop Poll result’ – this is their percentage share of all votes received in total during their series.)

14. Frankie Grande (3.07%)

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2016 grand final - Frankie Grande comes sixth

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 18 (6th place)
Original Pop Poll result: 26.51%

Kicking off our countdown in last place is Frankie Grande, the first ever international Big Brother housemate to compete in the UK version.

Frankie’s huge online fanbase ensured he was consistently top of our Popularity Poll during last summer’s Celebrity run, but he failed to gain the same traction in our Ultimate showdown.

13. James Hill (3.16%)

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2015 UK vs. USA final - winner James Hill

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 16 (Winner)
Original Pop Poll result: 24.37%

The bromance between James and Austin Armacost was may have ruled CBB’s UK vs. USA series, but it seems it’s no longer a force to be reckoned with.

Austin became the second housemate evicted from January’s ‘All Stars’ and ‘New Stars’ run – and James has matched that here by limping in second from last…

12. Joel Williams (3.27%)

Big Brother 2015: Timebomb grand final - Joel Williams

Series: Big Brother 16: Timebomb (Runner-up)
Original Pop Poll result: 20.74%

Poor Joel hasn’t been having a good time of it recently: last month he took part in our Twitter Eviction Prediction game and became the first player ever to miss a round.

Now he’s the lowest-placing ‘civilian’ candidate in our countdown – although it’s hardly the most momentous battle he’s fought recently…

11. Deana Uppal (3.69%)

Deana - Big Brother 2012 final

Series: Big Brother 13 (3rd place)
Original Pop Poll result: 31.31%

We imagine this result comes as a disappointment to some. Deana was the underdog who became a viewer favourite during BB13 after being targeted by the ‘cool’ side of the house.

She lives on in fans’ memories as a member of the supposed ‘third place club’, which includes other BB legends such as Aisleyne and Makosi, but unfortunately for her that did not translate to support in our Ultimate poll.

10. Gary Busey (4.0%)

Celebrity Big Brother 14 summer 2014 final - Gary Busey crowned winner

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 14 (Winner)
Original Pop Poll result: 36.14%

He may have been controversial in the house, but Gary made history as the first American housemate ever to win Celebrity Big Brother – a feat reflected in our Popularity Poll.

Not only did he win every single poll throughout his series, he was also the only one of its housemates to break the 20% barrier.

9. Julian Clary (4.52%)

Celebrity Big Brother 10 final - Julian Clary

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 10 (Winner)
Original Pop Poll result: 22.4%

Most of the time our Popularity Polls have a clear winner, but after he took rounds 2 and 3 during CBB10, Julian was overtaken by The Situation (or ‘The Occasional Table’ as he liked to call the Jersey Shore star).

He then slipped to third place behind Coleen for round 5, but clawed it back and almost doubled his share of the vote for the grand final – which, of course, he won.

8. Charlotte Crosby (6.9%)

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 last supper - Charlotte Crosby

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 12 (Winner)
Original Pop Poll result: 32.30%

Celebrity Big Brother has now featured five Geordie Shorers – including Ricci Guarnaccio, Scotty T, Marnie Simpson and Chloe Ferry – but Charlotte is the only one that has resonated as well with bbspy readers as she did with the general public.

She faced tougher competition, but Charlotte also managed to win every poll of her series. Beside her and Gary, only one other person here achieved this (hint: they’re in the top spot).

7. Hughie Maughan (7.02%)

Big Brother 2016 final - runner-up Hughie Maughan

Series: Big Brother 17 (Runner-up)
Original Pop Poll result: 23.10%

Seven months on, it remains a contentious issue that Hughie lost to Jason in the final of last summer’s Big Brother (if you ask us, both were worthy winners and we’d have been happy with either of them clinching victory).

Hughie did, however, top our Popularity Poll for BB17 – and now he’s managed a respectable top-half placing in our Ultimate battle.

6. Ashleigh Coyle (7.34%)

Big Brother 2014: Power Trip final - Ashleigh Coyle

Series: Big Brother 15: Power Trip (Runner-up)
Original Pop Poll result: 34.42%

Ashleigh’s trajectory on our Popularity Poll was similar to her stay in the house: at first she was in the background, hovering at 3-5%, then she suddenly shot up to highs of 40%+ after she began taking on… er, the other side of the house.

Unlike the actual show, however, Ashleigh won our Pop Poll for BB15 (and that was without a pass to the final!)

5. Michelle Visage (7.77%)

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 final - Michelle Visage comes fifth

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 15 (5th place)
Original Pop Poll result: 30.81%

Michelle had more of a rollercoaster ride on our Pop Poll than anyone else in this list: she won the first two rounds during CBB15, then kept trading places with Katie Hopkins until Katie beat her in the last two polls.

Here she’s matched her actual result from the show by ranking in fifth place.

4. Gina Rio (8.02%)

Big Brother 2013 Secrets And Lies final - Gina Rio

Series: Big Brother 14: Secrets & Lies (3rd place)
Original Pop Poll result: 32.69%

Finishing in fourth place as the top-ranking contender from ‘civilian’ Big Brother is Gina Rio, one of the memorable housemates of the Channel 5 era.

Gina remains the person that attracted the highest number of total votes in the history of our Popularity Polls, having racked up 11,884 during 2013’s excellent ‘Secrets & Lies’ series. If Ultimate Big Brother 2 ever happens, she must be brought back!

3. Luisa Zissman (9.33%)

Celebrity Big Brother 13 January 2014 launch night - Luisa Zissman

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 13 (4th place)
Original Pop Poll result: 21.69%

Luisa’s one of our all time Big Brother favourites so we’re thrilled to see her achieve a top three result here, especially after the mixed results of our Pop Polls during CBB13.

Although Luisa did secure the most votes in total across the series, she only managed to win two of the eight individual polls.

2. Rylan Clark-Neal (14.67%)

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 final - Rylan Clark wins

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 11 (Winner)
Original Pop Poll result: 34.15%

In January 2013, Celebrity Big Brother was a two-horse race between Rylan and Speidi, each winning three of our Pop Polls. Rylan managed to beat his American rivals in total votes, making him the CBB11 candidate in our Ultimate battle – but this time he’ll have to settle for second place.

Rylan’s enduring popularity is no doubt helped by his hosting role on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side – he has become to the C5 spin-off what Dermot O’Leary was to BBLB. However, not even he can compete with the powerhouse that is…

1. Tiffany Pollard (17.24%)

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 launch show - Tiffany 'New York' Pollard

Series: Celebrity Big Brother 17 (4th place)
Original Pop Poll result: 48.64%

She may have been robbed of a top three finish in CBB17, but Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard’s popularity with the online BB fanbase knows no bounds.

Tiffany holds two bbspy Popularity Poll records: she has the largest total percentage share of any series, having received almost half of all votes cast during her stay.

She also managed the largest percentage share in a single poll: our CBB17 round 6 vote saw her score an eye-watering 63.1% against seven other housemates.

Everyone seemed to miss Tiffany during last month’s ‘All Stars’ and ‘New Stars’ run, so if the rumours that it’ll be followed up by a ‘legends’ edition this summer are true, we hope the producers have given her a call.

So there we have it – here are the results again in the format of the poll:

That’s not all we have to reveal though – stay tuned to bbspy next week, when the winners of our Big Brother Awards for 2016 will be announced!

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  1. J says:
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    Charlotte won her series, she didn’t finish 6th?

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    How did Ashleigh beat Deana? WTF!?

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    The fact that a woman who wets the bed beat Deana is ridiculous.

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    Matt your BB fansite got a mention on Tipping Point today on ITV

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