ULTIMATE Big Brother Popularity Poll – last chance to vote!

bbspy marks its 100th Pop Poll with a battle of fourteen Big Brother titans...
21 comments - Posted on February 1 2017 at 01:00am

bbspy Ultimate Popularity Poll

Celebrity Big Brother has welcomed back some ex-housemates – and now bbspy has its own All Star battle as fourteen BB titans face off in our ULTIMATE Popularity Poll! Vote for your faves here…

Way back in 2012, we began our weekly and bi-weekly Popularity Polls to find out exactly which Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother stars were going down well with you, our readers.

Five years and 200,000 votes later, last week we published our 100th Pop Poll – making us wonder, which of these amazing housemates is the *most* amazing?

So to mark this momentous occasion, it’s time to find out the answer to that question in an ULTIMATE Popularity Poll!

These are the fourteen housemates who received the most Pop Poll votes in total during each of the last fourteen series of BB and CBB:

bbspy Ultimate Popularity Poll nominees - Deana Uppal, Julian Clary, Rylan Clark-Neal, Gina Rio, Charlotte Crosby, Luisa Zissman, Ashleigh Coyle, Gary Busey, Michelle Visage, Joel Williams, James Hill, Tiffany Pollard, Hughie Maughan and Frankie Grande

Now it’s up to you to decide which of them is the champion of champions. We realise picking just one of these BB legends is a tough ask, so to make it slightly easier you can cast a maximum of three votes.

The results are being kept secret until after the poll closes on Friday 3rd February at 11.59pm – they’ll be revealed in a future feature article.

So, let battle commence – vote in our Ultimate Popularity Poll below, and let us know who you’re backing in the comments!

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21 comments on this article

  1. Julie walker hussey says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    Best Housemate ever

  2. Saad says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    Yaaaas :grin:

  3. Saad says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    Yaaas queen

  4. Julie walker says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    The star of bb17

  5. Daniel says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !


  6. Tilly says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    Jack Dee was by far my favourite. But Julian and Rylan come close.

  7. Louise says:
    Thu 26 Jan Reply !

    Hughie by far!!

    He’s so loyal, kind and hilarious. Hughie deserves this xo

  8. SJ` says:
    Fri 27 Jan Reply !

    Gina Rio is my number one, followed by Deana and then Ashleigh.

  9. Loyal_BBUK_Fan says:
    Fri 27 Jan Reply !

    Julian Clary, Rylan Clark-Neal and Tiffany Pollard

  10. Hazzus says:
    Fri 27 Jan Reply !

    Michelle, Tiffany and Luisa.

  11. Jacqui says:
    Sun 29 Jan Reply !

    :up: Rylan look how he made a brilliant career for him self and growing in stature every time That’s how to use time in Cbb

  12. ispini says:
    Mon 30 Jan Reply !

    Gina Rio amazing – Tiffany Pollard was brilliant and Hughie “ya trouble raiser!!!”

  13. Steve Gray says:
    Mon 30 Jan Reply !

    I like a few of them but James Hill gets my vote loved Tiffany and Gina too

  14. northernmonkey says:
    Mon 30 Jan Reply !

    Gary Busey for me, I only voted for 1 because nobody else on the list stood out for me.

    • @therealHannah says:
      Tue 31 Jan !

      Oh Gary Busey was hysterical !
      When that awful white Dee professed to be shocked at his bare butt cheek – lol she’s seen more knobs than a front door !
      Yes Gary gets my vote !

  15. Elina Addams says:
    Tue 31 Jan Reply !


  16. Elliott says:
    Tue 31 Jan Reply !

    Tiffany Pollard is a living legend, Hughie and Luisa too!

  17. Stacey Strain says:
    Wed 01 Feb Reply !

    Frankie Grande was my favourite housemate ever so fun and entertaining to watch. He was the reason I watched the show. Hope he will go back on the show

  18. Jenny Johnson says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    Rylan fav housemate and presenter.

  19. Debbie says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    :tongue: :heart: :heart: :heart: I’ve watched since it began and the best hmm are Brian dowling and hughie

  20. Mary birtles says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    Nicola to win , she has been consistent all the time and true to what she believes in . Kim has taken a dislike to her from the start and doesn’t like the fact that Nicola stands up to her . She deserves to win loved watching her and she is so beautiful without her make up

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