Big Brother criticised by former hosts Davina and Dermot

Duo share fan concerns over sexual scenes and reality star housemates on C5
1 comment - Posted on September 27 2016 at 10:01pm

Former Big Brother presenters Davina McCall and Dermot O'Leary

Former Big Brother presenters Davina McCall and Dermot O’Leary have both hit out at the show, echoing two major fan criticisms.

Davina, Big Brother’s main host throughout its Channel 4 run, has suggested it now goes too far on Channel 5 with displays of sexual activity.

Although she said she “really can’t judge it for what it is now”, Davina did recall how she thought the infamous 2005 moment involving Kinga Karolczak and a wine bottle crossed the line.

In an appearance on ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show, she explained: “I remember watching Kinga in the garden … with a bottle. We never actually saw it, today you’d probably see it, but we never saw it, it was sort of alluded to.

“I said, ‘have we stepped over the mark, is this a step too far?’. They said, ‘look, that’s all the housemates talked about the next day, we had to allude to it’.”

Big Brother 2016 - Marco Pierre White Junior and Laura Carter

This year’s series attracted controversy over scenes in which Marco Pierre White Jr invited Laura Carter to “strangle” him with a belt, although 634 viewer complaints were eventually thrown out by Ofcom.

Meanwhile, Dermot, the frontman of the Little Brother spin-off for seven years, said the show is now too reliant on reality stars and media-savvy housemates.

He told The Sun: “It’s kinda weird really. I still enjoy it. The casting process is kind of odd now. There’s a group of people who tend to do those.

“When we first started it, especially for the first few, before it went quite dark, we all really enjoyed it. But now I think the world has changed so much, the people who are on it are almost all people who have been on other shows.

“That said, I still think it ticks the same box it always has.”

Big Brother 2016 contestants included Alex Cannon and Lateysha Grace, former stars of shows on C5’s sister network MTV, and X Factor reject Ryan Ruckledge.

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  1. Pat says:
    Wed 28 Sep Reply !

    Give me normal boring ppl anyday. Detest reality stars, and egotistical wannabes like Bear.. loved the old BB with 9-5 hard working ppl. Loved watching them cook,interact,do tasks every day, including the army type ones!! BB is now a nasty soft porn prog.

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