Celeb BB Katie says she was hurt by Biggins Nazi jibe

Panto actor previously claimed: "It wasn’t evident she was offended"
7 comments - Posted on August 28 2016 at 02:12pm

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2016 - Katie Waissel seventh evicted

Katie Waissel has disputed Christopher Biggins’ claim that she wasn’t offended by the Nazi jibe that got him ejected from Celebrity Big Brother summer 2016.

Bosses decided to remove Biggins from the house on Day 9 over offensive comments he made about bisexuality and AIDS – as well as a remark regarding Katie’s Jewish faith that was never broadcast on the show.

The panto actor later admitted to making a jibe about Nazi concentration camps, revealing that he’d said: “You better be careful or they’ll be putting you in a shower and taking you to a room.”

In an interview with The Sun, Biggins said he’d apologised to Katie, but claimed: “I don’t think she walked away immediately. We sat there for a little time and it wasn’t evident she was offended.”

Christopher Biggins removed from Celebrity Big Brother summer 2016

However, in her own interview with The Sun on Sunday, Katie has disputed this, saying she spent 30 minutes talking to a psychologist afterwards.

Explaining the events that led to Biggins’ remark, Katie recalled: “I got so emotional ­earlier that day talking to him about my trip to Auschwitz. I told him I went through the gate and you walk around and you see where all the bunkers are and you get taken into the showers.

“Then I walked through and saw where people were lined against a wall and shot and where the bodies were burned.”

“It was such a tortured place, such an intense experience, especially being Jewish myself. That’s why he said what he said later.”

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2016 - Christopher Biggins

Katie, whose own great grandparents reportedly escaped the Nazis, continued: “That’s crazy for him to say I wasn’t offended. I was offended and he knew that. I was mortified. I couldn’t believe it had come out of his mouth. There was just silence. Everyone else in the room was shocked.

“I sort of went, ‘Oh’ and immediately got up and said, ‘I’m going to go to the Diary Room’. I didn’t want the situation to escalate so I removed myself from it.

“I had a bit of a cry because I didn’t want to feel trapped in an environment where people could attack me over who I was. A psychologist came to see me for a good 30 minutes. Big Brother said they would speak to him. They were appalled and encouraged me to talk to him about it.”

Despite this, Katie – who was evicted from CBB on Tuesday, three days before the final – added that she didn’t want him to be removed.

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7 comments on this article

  1. Danofw12 says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    Some people would sell their own grandmother for publicity
    Wannabes are what they are Wannabes and nothing more

  2. Limara says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    How comes she wasn’t hurt by the comments while she was in bb… but ohhhhhh as soon as she comes out it hurts her so biggins is now the bad one. Yet again another person is out spoken and yet again ges into trouble…… well I love ya biggins you make me laugh

  3. Mandy says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    Biggings thinks he’s such a big star he can get away with saying anything. I’m glad bb got him out. I’m not Jewish but I think it was a terrible thing to say maybe he should visit that camp and see for himself how funny it actually was..

  4. Danofw12 says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    Katie can not get publicity without using somebody else name as the press do not give a dam about her as she is just small fry
    Let’s not start a witch hunt on Biggins
    Remember Katie there’s Karma so be careful

  5. Brekkie says:
    Wed 31 Aug Reply !

    Didn’t she claim a day or two earlier (on This Morning) she had no idea why Biggins had left – the housemates were under the impression he’d left for personal reasons (or only signed up for a week) rather than been ejected.

  6. BigginsgotScrewed says:
    Thu 01 Sep Reply !

    Since when it is unheard of to be “offended” by words?
    I don’t care if she was or wasn’t offended.
    It was offensive that BB ejected Biggins from the House for WORDS and possibly using “offensive” language…
    Something that viewers get warned about before every broadcast of BB.

  7. Danofw12 says:
    Mon 05 Sep Reply !

    Channel 5 screwed Dame C.B because he didn’t fit in with their new plans for C.B.B so he had to go in case he won The new format for Big Brother is to have no Celebrity’s just a load of Wannabes who are willing to promote Bullying & Sex for very little money it will be a very Cheap Reality Show

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