Channel 5 boss Frow wants to ‘reposition’ Big Brother

Director of programmes admits ITV2 rival Love Island made him 'angry'
21 comments - Posted on August 28 2016 at 04:45pm

Big Brother 2016 - Annihilation week is announced to the housemates

Channel 5 chief Ben Frow has admitted he’s “angry” that Big Brother 2016 was affected by ITV2 rival Love Island – and says he wants to “reposition” the show “for the future”.

Love Island enjoyed great success with its second revival series, with ratings more than doubling year-on-year – and even beating Big Brother for the first time ever on some nights.

At the Edinburgh Television Festival this week, C5’s director of programming Frow admitted the dating show had been a thorn in Big Brother’s side.

Love Island gave us a little bit of a jolt this year, and it’s no bad thing,” he said. “It got the two-week head start, which made me f***ing angry frankly.

“Then of course because of the Euros we were playing it at 9 o’clock, and they were at 9 o’clock… there’s no denying it, Love Island was very successful for ITV.”

Moving forward, Frow suggested that he’s looking to make further changes to Big Brother in order to modernise it.

Channel 5 director of programmes Ben Frow
Ben Frow

“I do think we owe it to the viewers really to be brave enough to go, ‘how can we reposition this for the future, how can we keep surprising?'” he commented.

“I would like to have that really big, brave, bold editorial discussion with the makers of Big Brother and go, ‘what could we do that would make us leaders?’

“Big Brother has been the number one reality show in this country for 17 years. I do not want to be second, I want to keep being a leader in terms of reality.”

However, his comments are likely to be met with scepticism by Big Brother fans, as the show failed to deliver a major revamp that was promised this year.

Although bosses did invest in an extension to the house, the ‘Others’ twist it was used for fizzled out after two weeks – and there were no other significant changes to the format.

Despite Frow’s claim that he wants Big Brother to remain a “leader”, he has expressed a desire to move it to an 11.00pm timeslot.

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21 comments on this article

  1. Brekkie says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    It certainly hasn’t been a leader since it moved to C5. Creatively it was unparalleled at C4 – wasn’t just a leader in the UK but very much the leader of the franchise worldwide.

    Sadly all the creative folks moved on and in many countries the show has been put in the hands of people who really aren’t equipped to handle it – every version which has copied C5’s no live feed, scripted style has flopped.

  2. Maggi says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    :cry: I think big brother needs a huge clean up, taken back too the days of live feed and not so predicted as it has become.. It is easy to know exactly what is coming bring back the 3 day tasks etc then and only then have you a chance of recovering, nothing to do with love island at all !!!!

  3. Dr Thomas says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    I totally agree with MAGGI

  4. Catherine macfarlane says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    Too many doing it for the money and couldn’t care less about the show. Or entertaining the viewers.
    Emma is not professional. Allow Ryland to host.
    Why Americans???
    Why not Scots/Irish/Welsh???
    A big change is required for this to go any further..
    Me I love it I’m 68

  5. Karen says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    I go to every show of big brother, and to me Emma done a very good job. Why can’t people leave her alone (well done Emma we are proud of you)

  6. Wendy says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    Personally I think Emma was completely right in her questioning unfortunately by keeping bear in after so many warning your promoting bullying aggressive behaviour

  7. Carole says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    :up: Ricky should have won, I feel it was fixed Bear ‘s behaviour was appaling. CBB is not meant to be an extension of ex on beach etc. I don’t watch cbb filled with porn stars. Is this the type of behaviour we want our young people to emulate? We had great cbb series in previous years without porn.

  8. Dotty says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    I just wish they would strip it back to basics like it was in the Beginning no outside contact no shagging pls were British and more tasks there hardly any at all

  9. Sean says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    It’s a disgrace ripping off the viewers making fools out off them

  10. DavidP says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    Ben Frow comes across as being completely and utterly delusional.

  11. Ashleigh says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    We need to back to the days of having them all on edge, longer tasks, more holding them accountable for rule breaks and things like the letter shredding etc. Definitely a better mix of people from all over the UK not just England. I happen to love Emma and what she does but I would definitely love to see people like Davina involved in the show again

  12. Gemma says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    Get rid of the fame hungry wannabes with managers get the real public in like the old days, if someone gets a warning throw them out don’t promote ugly behaviour. And if we want to watch porn we’ll pick our own

  13. Gemma says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    Oh and Emma’s great and is always good with her interviews, maybe get her better housemates

  14. Danofw12 says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    They want to turn Big Brother into a Soft Porn Show so fans of Big Brother say goodbye to the house as it was and say hello to the new format B.B Wannabes House it will be filled with fakes who will do anything that will give them air time a bit like this years C.B.B. We only had Biggens, Fox, Whale, who are celebrity’s & Ricky the rest of the house was filled with just wannabes and they performed acts of Bullying Aggression Soft Porn the new format for Wannabes House Goodbye To Big Brother.

  15. Sarah says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    How about ‘it was really shit this year….’
    I’m a massive BB and CBB fan but it’s getting more and more ridiculous every time. And these people are? Shame really.

  16. JENNY BLUNDEN says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    i am fed up with hearing the words bullying, when it should be called tormenting or playing games or provoking or plain old having a laugh. Nobody seems to know the difference between bullying and a bit of fun and banter. Bear yes was a pain in the arse to his fellow housemates, but he was not bullying I never heard him say things like, you are so ugly, or look at that makeup plastered on your face etc, Is constantly breaking eggs bullying or just plain old provocation and trying to have a laugh and winding up his fellow housemates, now if he targeted a partuicular person permanently and cracking eggs on them, would have been a form of bullying but he did not, in fact Bear was bullied, by james throwing coffee over him,and having food thrown all over his bed !!!!!Bear is obviously a highly hyperactive lad that just can’t sit quietly for more than 5 minutes, I could not have lived alongside him for more than 2 minutes he would have done my head in with no dramas mind lol. Biggins was bullied, by being removed for nothing …..

    • Andrea Douglas says:
      Mon 29 Aug !

      Bullying isn’t as simple as name calling, you obviously don’t know the meaning, it is also the way you treat people, the way you speak to them, doing things that causes distress to others and provoking them. All of which bear did.

  17. JENNY BLUNDEN says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    I could not sit up until 11pm to watch BB too late, so that is a stupid idea,more fun tasks need to be introduced, not the same old rubbish why don’t the viewers get asked for tasks i am sure a lot of people would have great ideas, it wouldn’t hurt to have repeat tasks either, as performed by different groups every series would give different results, CBB is getting boring having people i have never heard of before we don’t all watch the geordie shaws etc, so leave out the has been’s and bring in people we would find interesting hearing about their lives, like some rugby players, or different celebrities like people who can tell tales how they worked up through the ranks to be where they are now or gymnasts etc …..

  18. Andrea Douglas says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    Channel 5 have ruined big brother, we want the old format and live feed back.
    They have promoted bullying and bad behaviour for a while now. Losing viewers has absolutely nothing to do with love island or any other program and by moving it to 11pm will lose them lots more viewers.
    Wake up channel 5 and give us loyal fans a big brother that we deserve.

  19. Andy says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    I have just written to Mr. Sunmer Dauan, the chief head of Viacom UK regarding the future of BB. I have recommend Clinical trials & Hypnosis thought out the series. Having evictions on Sunday’s evening, The experience of Big Brother for the housemates should change a person’s mindset, physically, mentally & spiritual, not only a holiday.

    Live feed is a must, not just an hour a day, with modern technology today, the viewers disserve better.

    Celebrities shouldn’t be paid to go into Big Brother, only the winner should be competisated money.

    Therefore that extra money can be invested in daily Live Feed.

    I am sharing this page to Channel 5 :happy:

  20. lisa says:
    Wed 07 Sep Reply !

    I think Big Brother should go back to how it was in the beginning … Making their bread..chickens to look after back to basics…its all given to them on a plate theres to much luxury. Get the hot water turned off get rid of the pool, only give drink when they have really deserved it.

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