C5 confirms Celeb BB final vote results: Bear won by 1%

Percentage breakdown reveals that Ricky just missed out on victory
8 comments - Posted on August 26 2016 at 11:55pm

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Celebrity Big Brother summer 2016 ended with an incredibly close final result – with Channel 5 confirming that winner Stephen Bear beat Ricky Norwood by just 1% of the vote.

Data released by the broadcaster tonight reveals that Bear received a 35.90% share of votes cast during the ‘final vote-to-win window’.

However, he only won by a margin of 1.33% – as nearest rival Ricky, once the favourite to win, was right behind him on 34.57%.

Their combined 70% share left the other four finalists trailing behind – although third placed housemate Renee hit double figures on 14.66%.

Marnie came fourth on 6.51%, while Aubrey came fifth on 4.82%.

Despite receiving A-list support – with his sister Ariana Grande and ‘All About That Bass’ singer Meghan Trainor both sharing his voting numbers on social media – Frankie managed just 3.54%.

Although Channel 5 traditionally keeps voting data under wraps, this is the third consecutive Celebrity series it has released finale percentages for.

Bear’s win by far the closest victory of the three, with Scotty T winning by just shy of 10% in January – while James Hill had an 11% lead last summer.

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8 comments on this article

  1. dale says:
    Sat 27 Aug Reply !

    he won because he was cheap

    • Jay says:
      Sat 27 Aug !

      He won because he entertained and wasnt two faced! The young man will be a star!!!! He is fantastic, witty amd very clever!

  2. Hannah says:
    Sat 27 Aug Reply !

    He won because idiots voted for him


    Was it fixed

    Either way he will disappear soon enough – thank god !

  3. Mike Smith says:
    Sat 27 Aug Reply !

    It’s a complete pack of lies, C5 HAVE NOT released any voting figures for yesterday’s finale. It’s just trashy websites being as fake as the show has become.

  4. Peter says:
    Sun 28 Aug Reply !

    He won because BB let him win

  5. Danofw12 says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    How much was C.B.B production team’s phone bill?

  6. Bill come on says:
    Mon 29 Aug Reply !

    The best man won :conf: :conf: :envy: :envy: :doh:

  7. across the pond says:
    Wed 31 Aug Reply !

    Ricky should have won. I hope we NEVER see Bear again. What a crock of shit he is!

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