Is Bear Celebrity Big Brother’s lowest paid housemate ever?

Report claims Channel 5 is paying him just £12,000 to take part
25 comments - Posted on August 18 2016 at 10:23pm

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2016 - Stephen Bear

Stephen Bear is reportedly one of Celebrity Big Brother’s lowest paid housemates ever – with Channel 5 paying him just £12,000 to take part.

According to The Sun, the Ex On The Beach star – who has been one of the most talked-about housemates of the series – argued he was “worth millions” during negotiations, but ended up agreeing to the bargain-basement sum.

A source commented: “He knew he would be one of the stars of the show and really pushed for a bumper pay cheque but the producers wouldn’t budge.”

Not only does Bear’s fee make him the lowest paid of the current cast, it could make him the lowest paid Celebrity Big Brother housemate ever.

When former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones took part in the twelfth series in summer 2013, the Mirror reported that he was the cheapest housemate of all time on £15,000 – £3,000 more than Bear.

Bear’s fee – which, if he makes the final, will work out at £400 per day – pales in comparison to Christopher Biggins, this series’ top earner on £150,000 (although his ejection means he almost certainly won’t receive the full amount).

The highest paid housemate ever is thought to be Katie Price, who was reportedly paid £500,000 for her stint in the January 2015 series.

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25 comments on this article

  1. Mike New says:
    Thu 18 Aug Reply !

    It probably cost them more in food!!!

  2. connie says:
    Thu 18 Aug Reply !

    The exposure and publicity are priceless though.

    • mark says:
      Tue 23 Aug !

      Wye aye pet…the geordies will win

  3. Danofw12 says:
    Fri 19 Aug Reply !

    If you pay peanuts you get monkeys and that is what Bully Boy Bear behaviour is like a monkey

    • lindiloo says:
      Sat 20 Aug !

      aint that the truth !!!! :wink:

  4. Anonymous says:
    Fri 19 Aug Reply !

    They got a bargain.if it wasn’t for the Baer this season would be rubbish. The other housemates even said it themselves

  5. Michele says:
    Fri 19 Aug Reply !

    They got a bargain.if it wasn’t for the Baer this season would be rubbish. The other housemates even said it themselves

    • Hannah says:
      Fri 19 Aug !

      Michel you are talking Rubbish
      If this selfish vileidiot wasn’t there we would have witnessed other people showing their true selves but this narcissistic screen grabbing moron has to be centre of attention at all times. Are you honestly saying you condone his behaviour ?
      As as for getting the girlfriend in…. That probably why BB ejected Biggins because they retain his money and pay Bears slapper ( of a whole 2 month long relationship ) to go in and fake more trouble – god we are all being played!
      Bear will be in the final coz according to idiots ‘he makes good tv’ but he won’t win because BB knows that will upset too many people
      Give him his 12k let him take his ex bitch, sorry beach, girlfriend along with the inflatable Chloe and they can join Marco Pierre and the Blackpool slapper ( can’t remember her name) on a night on the town and spend the £12k on white powder they are so fond of……………
      And I don’t mean self raising four !

  6. Hannah says:
    Fri 19 Aug Reply !


    Flour……..self raising flour !😅

  7. Lindon says:
    Fri 19 Aug Reply !

    Disagree he’s a bully – not once has he got personal or intimidating. Pure windup merchant and in my opinion the hardest working house mate for his money – keeps us all watching doesn’t he? Defo worth a bit more than that but that’s just my view.

    • lindiloo says:
      Sat 20 Aug !

      He did,not anymore,boring :doh:

  8. Hannah says:
    Fri 19 Aug Reply !

    Then we’ve been watching different shows, two of them said they felt scared of him – after the outburst where he was called into diary room and broke the mirror and smashed the place up a bit then shay himself when the security guard opened the door – remember that?
    If thats not intimidating then I don’t know what else to call it
    Maybe your impressed with his behaviour ?
    Or maybe it’s just a selective memory
    If my son behaved this way I would be so ashamed
    If my daughter bought him home I’d cut off his dick and get her a chastity belt in effort to stop this mutant reproducing
    My goldfish is more intelligent than this idiot !

    • Patsy says:
      Sat 20 Aug !

      I so so agree with you, Bear is vile, vile, vile. The most self centred, self loving, inconsiderate, ignorant, uneducated, maniplulative, nasty and spiteful creature i have ever seen on a reality show.

  9. Danofw12 says:
    Sat 20 Aug Reply !

    There are viewers who think that Bullying, Being Selfish, Disrespectful, putting other housemates health and safety at risk is funny entertainment, I don’t For me having Bully Boy Bear in the house for so long after he should have been removed for all the antics he has pulled. The production team haven’t given the other housemates enough Air Time for us the viewers to get to know them. The other evening the production team gave us 4 minutes Air Time of Bully Boy Bear doing nothing, now that’s boring The production team do have double standards

    • Alison sault says:
      Fri 26 Aug !

      The show has to be fixed. How else would he get away with what he has done, to many to mention, and has had warnings we weren’t even shown. I have watched the show a few years now, and never seen this before, he is getting away with everything, he should have been out. Some nice people were in there, that I would have liked to have learned more about, but they didn’t stand a chance, everything was focuses on this sociopath, I will never watch the programme again if Bear wins this, BB ought to be ashamed

  10. lindiloo says:
    Sat 20 Aug Reply !

    Why don’t you all get a life……its a bloody game :grin: :wink: :up:

  11. Danofw12 says:
    Sat 20 Aug Reply !

    All contestants should be treated the same and have a fair share of the air time if you’re playing a game as viewers who think that B.B.B behaviour is okay keep saying it’s a Game but it’s not a fair game if there’s rules for one and different rules for others
    The viewers who have a warped sense of humour so thinking that B.B.B behaviour except able are the ones who get upset if you point out that Bullying and putting others at risk to make them smile is not what Big Brother format is and the production team should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to promote Bullying and Violence just so a few viewers can have a laugh

  12. Wexford says:
    Sat 20 Aug Reply !

    Some folk have a “lynch mob mentality”, judging by the comments on here. You’d think Bear was the devil incarnate :wink:

    • Karen says:
      Sun 21 Aug !

      Very well said I so agree with you when you watch the live feeds they are all taking to bear and being nice to his face then talk about him behind his back

    • Mo says:
      Sun 21 Aug !

      I think that is exactly what Bear is – the devil incarnate! Great words to describe him – well done!

  13. Karen says:
    Sun 21 Aug Reply !

    Have any of you watched the live feeds it’s a total different show all talking to bear playing bowls .then you get Samantha, Aubrey,Frankie,and Renee bitching and being two faced at least bear has said it to there face. Also the national treasure has no room to talk about bears behaviour a few years ago Sam was on a show dressed as a vampire working in a bar and was very very nasty a lot worse than bear 🐻 just wondering who the bullies are people bully in a lot of ways

  14. Confused says:
    Sun 21 Aug Reply !

    Don’t blame him. The circus Bear’s performance is exactly what the BB production team want. Ratings and publicity are the ultimate goals. Big Brother is no longer a social experiment. The last civilian series was populated with an amazing number of models, hostesses and strippers. I hope that is not the new cross section of the Great British Public. The “celeb” series is shifting from an interesting mix of actors, singers and athletes, to “reality stars”. That was clear during the “talent” competition.

    Maybe it’s time to pull the plug on this farce or at least stop calling it “Big Brother”. The fact that so many people are now insisting that BB is a “game” is a clear indication that BOTS and the prod. team have lost the plot.

  15. mr jones says:
    Sun 21 Aug Reply !

    400 pounds seems a lot of money to pay
    Bear considering his mental age is about
    8 years old.

  16. Elliot says:
    Wed 24 Aug Reply !

    :conf: why is Ricky still in the house he,s boring and two faced double crossing idiot. Always with the women or doin the washin up. Does not take on any challenges.. F…k him out..

  17. cornelius the 3rd says:
    Wed 24 Aug Reply !

    He’s acted like a monkey so Big Brother should actually pay him in peanuts.

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