Celeb BB bosses angry over Scotty T final vote trick

Party lad's Geordie Shore pal Gaz Beadle tricks fans in to voting for him to win
11 comments - Posted on February 4 2016 at 05:49pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 launch show - Scott Timlin

Channel 5 bosses have intervened in the public vote for the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 winner after Gaz Beadle tricked his followers in to voting for his Geordie Shore castmate Scotty Timlin.

This afternoon, Gaz posted a message on the social networking service Snaphat inviting readers to “Call me now in the GShore house”.

However, the phone number shown was Scotty’s Celebrity Big Brother premium rate mobile short code, which when called casts a vote for him to win at a cost of at least 50p.

Gaz’s followers angrily suggested the message was “fraud”, and Channel 5 has asked since anyone who called the number as a result to contact its customer services team.

“We’ve been made aware of an individual’s post on Snapchat which may have led people to unwittingly call the phone line to vote for Scotty T,” said the broadcaster. “The Snapchat user has no connection with the Celebrity Big Brother production team or Channel 5.

“We contacted the poster in question to demand the post is removed. If any voters have inadvertently called the Celebrity Big Brother voting lines as a direct result of this post, we would ask them to get in contact with us before midnight tonight (Thursday 4th February 2016).”

Those affected can reach Channel 5 by emailing [email protected] or calling 0208 612 7700.

It is unclear whether bosses intend to disqualify any trick votes. The terms and conditions for the Big Brother premium rate voting service state: “Channel 5 reserves the right to disallow votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent votes have been cast or if it considers, at its sole discretion, that there has been any deliberate attempt to excessively manipulate or unfairly influence the result of the Vote.”

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11 comments on this article

  1. Anon says:
    Thu 04 Feb Reply !

    It’s too late, the damage has been done. People will have lost confidence with the voting system and will stop voting. Scotty’s team have secured his win. :down: Exactly what they wanted.

    Also, does scotty really deserve to even be in the final let alone be a winner. Please tell me one time he provided us with entertainment…

    • Maureen Martin says:
      Fri 05 Feb !

      I totally agree, this was well planned by Scotty’s team, as they made sure that they did not do it until a few days ago in the hopes that no one would find out, I do hope that a % of Scotty’s votes are removed as this has been a fraudulent action and it is unfair to all the other HM as well as all the public that have been voting in the correct manner, I also agree that Scotty does not deserve to be in the final. The truth be known, this is the reason that Scotty has remained cool and calm in the house, it is very sad that people can stoop that low.

  2. Siobhan says:
    Fri 05 Feb Reply !

    :heart: absolutely love Scotty T. He does deserve to win the final of CBB an he had been very entertaining an frisky! Come on boy shake that ass!!!

  3. denise says:
    Fri 05 Feb Reply !

    :heart: I was hoping for Daniella or Scottie to win, but this has completely changed my mind, I agree this could be why Scottie has looked so relaxed during bb as he knew he would probably win, he should be disqualified, sorry to all his supporters but its not fair on other contestants

    • Cartlin says:
      Fri 05 Feb !

      I love how he gets blamed for shit he probably didn’t even KNOW his “friend” was going to do.

  4. Oddlegs says:
    Fri 05 Feb Reply !

    Could this be the reason why Charlotte won!!! I mean she wasn’t THAT great was she,….all Geordie Shore folk together huh!!…….

  5. Gusto Brunt says:
    Fri 05 Feb Reply !

    Scotty should win. Tiff should not.

    • will says:
      Sat 06 Feb !

      scotty t cheated how can they let him win , will cbb refund the people who voted for other housemates because it a tanted vote

  6. sammy says:
    Fri 05 Feb Reply !

    Nobody deserves the win if they have to cheat their way to the “honour “.
    Scotty T has entertained the least of the HM’s left.

    • will says:
      Sat 06 Feb !

      i agree scotty t did nothing in the house for 4 weeks he winning a farce

  7. will says:
    Sat 06 Feb Reply !

    :down: i think this voting sham will have a big affect on future voting cbb has lost the public trust , scotty t should be removed from the vote , people spend there hard earned money on voteing and theres no way cbb can tell what votes for scotty t are real or fake this will cause long term damage to the show and ch 5

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