Celeb BB Stephanie says she’s “falling in love” with Jeremy

Actress continues to grid housemates' gears after vowing to avoid Danniella
- Posted on January 29 2016 at 06:32pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 - Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell canoodle in bed

Stephanie Davis has vowed to avoid “absolute carrot” Danniella Westbrook on Celebrity Big Brother 2016 – but continued to irritate the housemates as she told Jeremy McConnell: “I’m falling badly in love with you.”

On last night’s show bosses sent security in to the house for the second time this series after Daniella told Stephanie she’d “never work again” over her behaviour on the show.

The ex-Hollyoaks actress covered the Diary Room camera, banged on doors and even set off a fire alarm as she broke down and demanded that Big Brother let her leave.

After calming down, she and her beau Jeremy spent the night alone in Gillian McKeith’s clinic, and the next day Big Brother pulled her back to the Diary Room for another firm reminder of the rules.

“I’m very sorry Big Brother, it won’t happen again. I was out of order,” she admitted. “I’m just not going to speak to Danniella Westbrook because she’s an absolute carrot.”

Steph was as good as her word, as Danniella – who had made up with her after an earlier spat – revealed to Big Brother. “I’m upset about the situation with Steph,” she mused. “I’m gutted, but I’m alright with it because I know what it’s like to feel under attack and vulnerable.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 - Danniella Westbrook tells Stephanie Davis she'll never work again

“I don’t hate her or anything. I don’t feel any dislike towards her; I love her to bits still.”

They couldn’t keep away from each other forever though, and by bedtime tensions were simmering again as Stephanie and Jeremy’s cannoodling kept the other housemates awake.

Heading to the kitchen for some peace, a fed-up Danniella told her partner-in-crime Gemma Collins: “I can hear is them getting it on, I’m so embarrassed. I don’t want to take my fingers out of me ears.

“I couldn’t do it, could you? On the telly? Don’t take her foot off the gas does she, it’s one thing after another. It’s just a level of disrespect for everyone in that room.”

Stephanie wasn’t bothered however – and, having admitted that she thinks her real-life boyfriend Sam Reece “isn’t right” for her, she made a profound statement to Jeremy: “I think I’m falling really badly in love with you.”

Jeremy and Stephanie are facing eviction alongside Tiffany in tonight’s live show at 9.00pm.

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