Alexander O’Neal: Producers ejected me from Celeb BB

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Celebrity Big Brother 2015 launch show: Alexander O'Neal

Singer Alexander O’Neal has sensationally claimed that he was EJECTED from Celebrity Big Brother 2015 – sparking fresh controversy, as show bosses previously implied that he left voluntarily.

O’Neal took part in the fifteenth series of the show in January, and was one of several housemates who clashed with troublemaker Perez Hilton. He ended up departing the house on Day 12 after receiving a formal warning for using a homophobic slur against the blogger.

At the time, Channel 5 implied that he quit of his own accord, with a short statement issued to the media saying: “Alexander O’Neal has chosen to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House.”

However, footage of his actual exit was never broadcast – with viewers only seeing Big Brother tell the remaining housemates that he had “decided” to leave.

Now, seven months later, the ‘Criticise’ singer has claimed that CBB producers actually forced him to leave the house, fearing that his rivalry with Perez would only have escalated.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Alexander O'Neal warned for offensive language in Perez Hilton argument
Alexander gets a formal warning

In an explosive interview with the Daily Star, Alexander revealed that he received his full fee despite his premature farewell – and was asked NOT to reveal the truth while the show was on air.

“I never walked out,” the 61-year-old insisted. “Big Brother called me up to the Diary Room and said, ‘We think it’s time for you to leave. We don’t want you to stay and shoot yourself in the foot.’

“We came to a mutual agreement and they said they would pay my full fee, but they said, ‘We don’t want you to say anything about this to anybody until the series is over.’

“Big Brother wasn’t going to be able to control what was going to happen between me and Perez. I was getting ready to make his life a holy hell, so they requested I should go.”

Alexander added that he regrets being branded a quitter, but had no choice in the matter.

“Had I known leaving would have made people think of me as a quitter, I wouldn’t have wanted to,” he said. “But I couldn’t have stayed even if I’d wanted to. They deemed it was my time to go.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins blames Perez Hilton for Alexander O'Neal exit
Katie Hopkins snaps at Perez in the wake of Alexander’s departure

Channel 5 has yet to comment on Alexander’s revelations – but they’re bound to leave Big Brother fans angry regardless, as the broadcaster has a track record of failing to maintain transparency.

Indeed, this is just the latest in a string of cover-ups to emerge from January’s series alone. Perez himself previously claimed that bosses told him of its record-breaking ratings and said it had become ‘the Perez show’ in a bid to persuade him to stay in the house after he asked to walk.

Perez was also allowed to record his radio show in the house, while Katie Hopkins continued her newspaper column and had her own hidden private bedroom. Katie Price and Patsy Kensit even reportedly had off-camera access to a stylist and spray tanning equipment respectively.

Prior to Alexander’s exit, chiefs had already removed Jeremy Jackson for exposing Chloe Goodman’s cleavage, and Ken Morley for continued use of offensive language – making CBB15 the first ever Celebrity series of Big Brother in the UK to involve forced ejections.

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  1. mr.blobby says:
    Sun 23 Aug Reply !

    I had previously speculated that producers and Alex worked out a deal because of the growing hostility in the house and the fishy way the show was portrayed in his exit. If you recall, one of the supposed BB insiders started commenting on this site about various other things in this series, I queried him about Alex, and they said they weren’t privy to that diary-room convo.

    As for Ken Morley, I still hold the belief that producers were HUNTING at every word he said as an excuse to eject him because of his previous spotty behavior. During a joke really early one morning with Keith Chegwin, Ken said the n-word and we all know that’s grounds for an instant ejection, even without context because, big brother.

    Like it or not, the show has really turned into the “1984” novel.

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