Keith Chegwin blasts Celeb BB ‘preferential treatment’

4 comments - Posted on February 10 2015 at 08:40pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 final - Keith Chegwin comes fourth

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 finalist Keith Chegwin has hit out at the “preferential treatment” received by some of his fellow housemates, including Katie Hopkins.

Early in the series it was let slip that bosses had allowed Hopkins to sleep in her own off-camera private bedroom.

It is thought that she was primarily given her own area because she suffers from epileptic fits – but yesterday, Chegwin revealed that the room also contained a computer that she used to write her weekly column for The Sun.

In an interview on ITV’s breakfast show Good Morning Britain, the 58-year-old – who came fourth in Friday’s final – said: “Some people do get preferential treatment.”

Surprised, host Ben Shepherd asked: “Aren’t you all supposed to be in the same boat?”

“The first night we went to bed, Katie Hopkins went off to her own bedroom,” Cheggers explained. “When I looked inside this bedroom, it had an en-suite bathroom, a little table, and she’s allowed to use her computer to write to the national newspaper that she works for

“I turned to somebody and said, ‘hang on a minute, if she can write to a national newspaper to promote herself, is there any chance of me going on Twitter every Thursday?'”

Keith went on to comment on other privileges received by the housemates – revealing that Calum Best was guaranteed a supply of cigarettes in his contract.

“Patsy Kensit had tanning once a week, that was in her contract, she had her roots done. Calum Best asked for sixty cigarettes, and I screamed to myself, ‘if he can have something to kill himself, can I have a coffee?'”

Although the latest Celebrity Big Brother was a hit in the ratings – averaging 2.62million viewers – long-term fans of the show have criticised it for the celebs’ perks, which have repeatedly breaking the traditional ‘no contact with the outside world’ rule.

In what is regarded as one of the worst breaches of the rule on record, Perez Hilton revealed that he was supplied with provided with recording equipment and a list of showbiz news stories – including Bruce Jenner’s gender transition and the tragic coma of Bobbi Kristina Brown – so he could make episodes of his radio show.

The blogger says he was also informed of the show’s high viewing figures by bosses to tempt him to stay in the house after he seriously considered quitting.

Celebrity Big Brother’s fifteenth series concluded on Friday with Katie Price becoming only the second late entrant in the history of BBUK to be crowned winner.

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4 comments on this article

  1. Toni says:
    Wed 11 Feb Reply !

    I don’t dislike Katie Price…she is a good business woman…but to win big brother on her boring…uninspiring… lack lustre performance….along with the filthiest talk ever…was a complete travesty…Katie Hopkins was my winner…but would have understood Calum or Michelle taking the crown…ohhhhh dear big Bros…I smell a rat……along with thousands of others…think it’s about time you confessed…

  2. Alexander Balakrishnan says:
    Fri 13 Feb Reply !

    Keith Chegwin is coming across as the spiteful man he truly is. All is well with him until he doesn’t get his way, in which case he starts throwing childish tantrums.
    I agree with Toni, I love Katie Price but it somehow feels criminal that someone like Katie Hopkins who entertained the viewing public so greatly did not get the title.

  3. Scott says:
    Sat 14 Feb Reply !

    Love Keith! Still praise the Lord that Pricey won over that bully Hopkins! :up:

  4. Brekkie says:
    Sat 14 Feb Reply !

    One of the things I remember from Celebrity Big Brother is the producers naming and shaming a few people who said they’d do it but on certain conditions. They were all turned down.

    NONE of the people C5 have put in the house are famous enough to justify breaking the fundamental rules of the show for and every deviation, however minor, gives individuals an advantage over the others and more importantly dupes the fans – and it’s lying to the viewers which is probably the bigger issue here.

    OK, if the celebs need to have rider let them have it – but on the condition they have to win it in the house.

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