Katie Hopkins writing column inside Celeb BB house

4 comments - Posted on January 9 2015 at 04:02pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 launch show: Katie Hopkins

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 producers are under the spotlight once again after The Sun published a column supposedly written by housemate Katie Hopkins.

The full-page spread, which appears in today’s edition of the newspaper, is headed ‘Katie Hopkins – live from the Big Brother house’.

In the main text, she likens the house to an “oil rig”, describing it as “oppressive” and “grimly terrifying” – and suggests she’ll find the experience hard as “busy is what I do best”. She adds that she’ll be writing another column in the house next week.

Other segments feature her thoughts on Julian Assange, BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, the CES technology conference and the A&E crisis plaguing UK hospitals.

The column has caused controversy among Big Brother fans as it breaks the format’s once-strict rule banning contestants from contacting the outside world.

When approached for comment, Channel 5 did not provide a full statement, with a spokesperson telling bbspy only that it was “agreed” that Katie could continue her column while on the show.

The current Celebrity Big Brother is now the fifth consecutive run in which certain contestants have been allowed to carry out other work commitments from the house.

C5 has previously admitted that Rylan Clark, Mario Falcone and Sam Faiers were allowed to rehearse for a tour, obtain a visa and write a magazine column respectively.

Lauren Goodger also continued her column while taking part in the last series in August – but in this instance, C5 denied she’d had any direct contact with the outside world, instead insisting that she’d filed her contributions under Big Brother’s supervision.

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4 comments on this article

  1. beemoh says:
    Sat 10 Jan Reply !

    ….I seem to remember them letting Vanessa Feltz write her column, way back when. Nobody seemed to mind that.

  2. Donna Mc says:
    Sat 10 Jan Reply !

    That’s true about Vanessa. Her and Katie are as vile as each other.

  3. Unreal says:
    Fri 30 Jan Reply !

    Seem BB bends the rules when they want.
    Just read Katie Hopkins in the Sun .–No I did not buy it read it in a cafe.
    What next Perez jetting off to do a interview.
    Will not be watching this set up anymore.

  4. Billy says:
    Fri 06 Feb Reply !

    I’m very pleased Katie h never won bb cause she is the vilest person I’ve ever heard she his a pompous jump up bitch and I hope the public feel the same I hope she loses work from the way she’s behaved I really hate her

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