Channel 5 airs Celebrity Big Brother 2014 advert – video

8 comments - Posted on December 19 2013 at 09:32pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 advert eye logo

The first television advert for Celebrity Big Brother 2014 has aired on Channel 5 tonight, showcasing the new pink and gold camera eye logo.

The ten-second clip follows the same format as the teasers for the last two series, with the eye swivelling in to view as the show’s narrator Marcus Bentley announces the launch date.

It comes after the promotional campaign was launched with a double-page press advert in the Christmas issues of magazines OK! and Star featuring hosts Rylan Clark and Emma Willis.

Stars rumoured to be taking part this year include American boxing legend Evander Holyfield, comedian Jim Davidson, and media personalities Katie Price, Nancy Dell’Olio and Katie Hopkins.

Celebrity Big Brother returns on Friday 3rd January at 9.00pm.

Watch the new Celebrity Big Brother teaser advert below:

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8 comments on this article

  1. Lewis Griffiths says:
    Thu 19 Dec Reply !

    Yo Channel 5, why you love clouds so much?

  2. BB_Superfan says:
    Fri 20 Dec Reply !

    Clouds again… fresh blood needed in the C5 creative team…

  3. Sam says:
    Fri 20 Dec Reply !

    How are clouds even relevant to the Big Brother brand

  4. Sam says:
    Fri 20 Dec Reply !

    I mean there’s a sky in the garden, can’t think of any other reason

  5. jackie baldan says:
    Sat 21 Dec Reply !

    Looking forward to it,cant wait.❤❤❤

  6. Oh says:
    Sat 21 Dec Reply !

    Well, how was a dog relevant to BB5?
    How were people in white masks relevant to BB9?
    How was a clock and machine that spat out petals relevant to BB11?

    The clouds are relevant,
    “The all seeing eye in the sky”.

  7. Sam says:
    Sat 21 Dec Reply !

    The “all seeing eye in the sky” part is an interesting link, but other than that, what many people including myself find annoying is that they’ve included clouds in practically every series on Channel 5 (have some variety!) . The examples you listed were part of the overall branding or theme each year surely? Eg. the petals as confetti celebrating the ‘end’ of Big Brother

  8. Sam says:
    Sat 21 Dec Reply !

    I mean it’s only minor but there are still a few things like clouds, the eviction set catwalk thing, the eviction interviews and the BBOTS studio that could be changed for a really fresh Big Brother. Still a massive fan and majorly excited for CBB tho

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