Exclusive: AJ Odudu ‘Bit On The Side’ exit confirmed

24 comments - Posted on November 26 2013 at 12:30pm

Big Brother's Bit On The Side 2013 - AJ Odudu

AJ Odudu has left her role as a host of Big Brother spin-off Bit On The Side after just one series, bbspy can confirm.

A spokesperson for Channel 5 informed us this morning that the 25-year-old presenter ‘mutually agreed’ to her depature with show producers.

The news comes after it was announced that Iain Lee and Carol McGiffin have bagged roles on its psychology-themed sister programme Bit On The Psych, which AJ used to front.

Lee will co-host with Rylan Clark – who is returning to BOTS with Emma Willis – while Celebrity Big Brother finalist McGiffin will appear as the head panellist.

AJ joined the team alongside Rylan as replacements for Jamie East and Alice Levine for this summer’s series. Rumours of her exit first emerged a fortnight ago when the former X Factor contestant tweeted a picture from a CBB engagement featuring just him and Emma.

The Blackburn native attracted a mixed response to her presenting style throughout the run and came in for criticism when she mistakenly leaked nomination results.

The thirteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother will take place in January, with a launch date expected to be announced next week.

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24 comments on this article

  1. Sam says:
    Tue 26 Nov Reply !

    This is such a shame as I really liked AJ on BBBOTS, but I look forward to seeing what she does in the future

  2. Wally ! says:
    Tue 26 Nov Reply !

    Oh dear, The 13th series ? & this is the line up. Emma, Rylan & Carol Mcguffin ? Perhaps BB stands for Bye bye, it certainly does in my case, absolutely shameful, what a disgrace! :down:

  3. Carlos says:
    Tue 26 Nov Reply !

    Though Carol McGiffin was moving abroad? So the BBBOTS axe swings again. I loved AJ too. So sad she has become the latest victim.

  4. Rosie St Lam says:
    Wed 27 Nov Reply !

    I’m glad AJ has gone, she was like a childrens tv presnter ! Not keen on Carol McGiffin being on there all the time though, she’s so negative about everything !

  5. herbie says:
    Fri 03 Jan Reply !

    Glad a.j was removed. she was awful and made probably ruined people heads that have botox from over hostfrownin from her inept hosting style.

  6. Chloe says:
    Sat 04 Jan Reply !

    AJ was actually a good presenter. I know at times she didn’t really know what she was meant to do, but you can’t speak about her like that. Very cruel. :doh:

  7. Wally ! says:
    Sun 05 Jan Reply !

    @herbie If this reasoning is of any relevance, Emma Willis & Rylan should not be in there jobs either! I watched the the launch program, how thoroughly disappointing & as I am going to be a man of my word, I definitely will not be watching the rest of this rip off TV? I will keep up with the correspondence on this site though as I need a laugh, especially while listening to the whining coming from the losers who waste there money on ( voting for these failures?) Happy New Year to all the credible folk who make reasonable comments, it makes this site so worthwhile? :up: :grin:

  8. Chloe says:
    Mon 06 Jan Reply !

    Yes I agree with you Wally. Emma and Rylan do not act like presenters at all. Rylan is always getting Emma to reveal secrets and it just doesn’t look good on TV. :down:

  9. Laila says:
    Tue 07 Jan Reply !

    Herbie please think before you speak. No offence. But AJ was like one of the best presenters! People judge her rudely which I find extremely rude and unfair. Rylan and Emma are even WORSE! If they made mistakes they would get a second chance but when it comes to AJ straight away she gets the sack! I fi were her I would never go back because what they did was an offence and should be taken more seriously in future. I am vey disappointed in bbbots as they have ruined their reputation by sacking AJ(one of the best presenters). I am never watching that show again.

  10. Sean Michael Crabtree says:
    Fri 10 Jan Reply !

    Good she was rubbish I like rylan and we had a great time in studio

  11. Laila says:
    Fri 10 Jan Reply !

    @Sean Michael Crabtree
    I think Aj was the best and please never refer to her as rubbish. Because she is not. I have the rights to call you rubbish as well. That rylan or whatever his name is I hate him!!! He is the worst presenter.

  12. Sean Michael Crabtree says:
    Sat 11 Jan Reply !

    I don’t min md if u call em rubbish we all have opinions it’s something we talk about at the eviction yesterday

  13. Laila says:
    Mon 13 Jan Reply !

    @Sean Michael Crabtree
    Well I don’t really care but I know we all have opinions but you still can’t call someone rubbish just because you don’t like them :doh: You can’t judge people. You’ve never met AJ personally so why judge her? She hasn’t done anything to offend you so your been extremely rude and harsh against AJ.

  14. Dan says:
    Sat 18 Jan Reply !

    I was surprised that AJ got chopped I found her quite quirky.
    I don’t see the point of Carol full time I think she would have made a better guest presenter and kept AJ in the loop also as she didn’t seem to do a lot wrong.
    AJ I hope will come back somewhere else .
    Personally I’m not a big fan of Iain. I think at times he can be great but other times can be quite vicious with people seemingly for his own pleasure. He can also give the impression he thinks he is the most important person on the show and come across a little arrogantly.

  15. az says:
    Sat 18 Jan Reply !

    She got axed cos she is black

  16. Dan says:
    Sat 18 Jan Reply !

    Az do you genuinely believe that? That’s quite a big thing to say.

  17. Wally ! says:
    Sun 19 Jan Reply !

    @az Why are you playing the race card? The only reason AJ was given the Push was most probably the great Star in the making Rylan ? As AJ had more talent in her little finger & there was no room on the camera for AJ & Rylans Gnashers, one of them had to go? My guess is that Simon Cowell has & hand in there somewhere & still has to find the money for them Teef ! :up: :wink:

  18. Ant says:
    Sun 19 Jan Reply !

    I love her – loads of people love her, and quite rightly so.

    I’m not biased – I never watch any shows like this usually, as they are ****e!

    However, having tuned in this time round and seen on this site among others that Luisa seems to be far and away the brightest, most well liked housemate; why is she not being saved earlier???

    Is it because she seems popular on this site, nobody is worried that she’ll be evicted and therefore neglect to vote to keep her in?

    I say we sort this, Luisa fans need to start voting for Luisa!

    I can’t believe DAPPY was saved before her the other night when Lionel was evicted – what a disgrace! PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!!

  19. Sparkle says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !

    When I didn’t see A.J. appeared on BBOTS i wondered what happened and can’t believe they got rid of this gold dust of a presenter. She was absolutely fabulous at presenting and i hope that she will be able to go on to bigger better jobs in the future. We are not going to see the last of her as i believe she has a bright future ahead of her. I like Rylan & Emma but i believe they felt threatened by her.

  20. Laila says:
    Tue 28 Jan Reply !

    I think what you are saying is true az because most of the people there are white no offence. And rylan isn’t exactly the best presenter but they didn’t axe him so clearly I think its because of her skin.

  21. Sonia says:
    Wed 11 Jun Reply !

    :sad: It was fab seeing a fellow black woman on Telly
    I will miss you Aj & your great outfits.

  22. Ajak says:
    Fri 27 Jun Reply !

    She got axed ’cause she was too talented & black, racism exists, deal with it.

  23. Bob says:
    Fri 27 Jun Reply !

    Too talented! Good one.

  24. winterfell says:
    Wed 28 Jan Reply !

    i,m sorry a.j left i liked the double act with her and iain. killer boite embarrasing.dy and outfis as well. wish someone would give rylan the boot. he is a terrible presenter. its quite embarrasing.

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