Celeb BB 2014 final more watched than its launch

9 comments - Posted on February 10 2014 at 03:16pm

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The ratings success of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 has been topped off today with the latest official figures, which reveal that its final was more watched than its launch show.

Previously, overnight data confirmed that CBB13 had trumped CBB8 to become Channel 5’s most watched run to date, with a series average of 2.49million viewers.

However, it has performed even better in official ratings – the last of which were released today – that account for additional factors such as recordings and repeats.

According to details from the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB), CBB13 has a consolidated average of 3.04million viewers (including Channel 5’s +1 service).

Channel 4’s final Celebrity edition was the last to top 3million, racking up 3.37million in 2010.

Meanwhile, the CBB13 final – which saw Jim Davidson being crowned the winner – has a consolidated rating of 3.71million, up 20k on its launch rating of 3.69million.

This makes it the first series of Big Brother UK whose final was more watched than its launch by any measure since Big Brother 7, which aired in 2006.

Yesterday it was claimed Benefits Street ‘star’ White Dee has been offered £60,000 to take part in the next Celebrity Big Brother, which airs after the fifteenth civilian edition this summer.

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9 comments on this article

  1. Wally ! says:
    Sat 22 Feb Reply !

    Perhaps people did not want to see all of the rest of the crap that went on in the name of entertainment in these last 2 series ? & these headlines are not really that good an advertisement for a production, are they? :down:

  2. Dan says:
    Sat 03 May Reply !

    Wally what are you talking about? lol Its the best performing CBB since 2010 on Channel 4.

  3. Wally ! says:
    Sat 03 May Reply !

    Bloody Hell, Dan your reply was certainly worth waiting for ? Just because No one really bothered watching until the Final & then it was probably out of pure surprise that Jim Davidson actually may win, that people bothered tuning in ? Really does not mean it was Either good or even quality TV. Folk just wanted to see another Freak show pass in to history, Its the very same reason that people will crash there own cars while watching the result of earlier crash ? :wink: :down: What do you say, Ste & Maybe ?

  4. anthony says:
    Sat 03 May Reply !

    :grin: well said Wally :grin: :heart:

  5. Wally ! says:
    Sun 04 May Reply !

    @anthony Cheers Anthony, Lets hope the new series starts to pick up a bit? I hope we see HM having to earn there keep & being punished if they dont do what there told? Lets have some real back to basics rations instead of sunbathing & round the clock treats ? They will get all the pampering when they leave the show, If they are not already getting it already? :wink: :up:

  6. ste says:
    Sun 04 May Reply !

    @Wally !
    Hi mate couldnt agree with you more I said weeks ago they need to get back to BASICS especially in the civillian b.b they walk through the b.b doors and they think there world superstars because big brrother pampers them to much, make them them earn there bloody £100.000.take sam Last year sat in a bloody chair for 13wks doin :up: bugger all and walked off with the cash, what a joke.and giving them booze every night let them earn that too if I wanna a bunch off drunken slobs acting like idiots I only have to go ino town.well thats just my opinion.catch you later wally take care.

  7. ste says:
    Sun 04 May Reply !

    @Wally !
    Soz about the thumbs up in middle of msg I sent my error :grin: .

  8. Wally ! says:
    Mon 05 May Reply !

    @ste Hello Ste, Nice to hear from you, I hope your keeping Well ? Still keeping my fingers crossed for the LAs, this season is bringing so many scary moments :tongue: I hope Maybe’s alright ? The new series supposed to be starting on the 6th of June, D Day no less, I hope that Isnt an omen ? :shock: Bye for now Bud. :up:

  9. ste says:
    Mon 05 May Reply !

    @Wally !
    Hey wally maybe it is an OMEN could mean an evil b.b, well lets hope so because they need to change the format and stop all the you hope maybe’s ok miss her comments too, catch you later mate. :up: .

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