Explicit Celeb BB repeat breached Ofcom rules

4 comments - Posted on February 1 2015 at 04:09pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 naughty baking - Ollie Locke, Luisa Zissman

Ofcom has ruled that Celebrity Big Brother 2014 breached its guidelines after Channel 5 failed to remove sexual content from a morning repeat.

The offending broadcast – which took place on Sunday 19th August at 11.30am – opened with the housemates baking and comparing the sizes of bread rolls shaped like penises and breasts.

It also featured a frank discussion about sex, that saw Casey Batchelor, Linda Nolan and Liz Jones reveal the ages they had their first orgasms at.

This resulted in five complaints from concerned viewers, who felt that it was too explicit to be aired prior to the 9.00pm watershed.

Channel 5 responded by saying that the baking sequence was “mildly risqué” at best and simply displayed the stars’ “comic inventiveness”. They also pointed out that the Ofcom code doesn’t prohibit references to sexual matters before the watershed, claiming that the orgasm chat wasn’t “highly charged or erotic”.

The company added that “there was nothing surprising” in the inclusion of such material as it had been a recurring theme of the series, but admitted that it didn’t sufficiently warn viewers ahead of the repeat.

However, Ofcom concluded that the footage was not suitable for children, and that it had been inappropriately scheduled – with BARB ratings revealing that the episode had been watched by 33,500 under 16s.

“In this case, Ofcom considered that the nature of the content featuring a continued sexual theme and tone, and sexual references and banter, required more careful editing before broadcasting at 11:30 on a Sunday morning than occurred on this occasion,” the regulator explained.

C5 was also recently judged to have breached of the rules over its handling of the violence that led to Daley Ojuderie’s exit from Big Brother 2013.

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4 comments on this article

  1. Pauline finch says:
    Tue 06 May Reply !

    Well I understand the concerns of some people. Big brother is known for its content and if that concerned why would you allow you children to watch it full stop :conf: . The producers are usually careful on which bits they show. I have been to big brothers bit on the side many times and the main show a few times they are very up together on rules and regulations. So for goodness sake give them a break and don’t watch it if it offends you that much

  2. Wally ! says:
    Wed 07 May Reply !

    @Pauline finch While I agree 100% Pauline, the simple fact is that, Children do watch this programme, & most of the time Even the celebs are picked to appeal to :straight: that youth element for e/g Rylan Clark & Emma from Gordie Shore, & in my eyes they should never be to be role models for our youth, God knows what there parents were thinking about letting them become Involved in TV, let alone the TV companies themselves? I have even written once or twice to point out that Children as old as 12 years old have answered comments on these very pages & as responsible adults have to watch our own comments on here as some folk on here have no filters or off buttons when it comes to using bad language or even bad manners? :shock:

  3. anthony says:
    Wed 07 May Reply !

    OMG IMO off com should off com off :down: :grin:

  4. Wally ! says:
    Wed 07 May Reply !

    @Wally ! Sorry I meant to say Charlotte & not Emma, :doh: Like it Anthony do make me smile :grin:

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