Celeb BB 2014 becomes most watched C5 series

6 comments - Posted on January 30 2014 at 11:41am

Channel 5 ident - Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 has become the most watched series of Big Brother to air on Channel 5 to date, and the highest rating since 2011.

Including figures from the broadcaster’s +1 timeshift service, the thirteenth series of the show had an unofficial overnight average of 2.49million viewers across its 27 episodes.

This is an increase of around 20,000 viewers on C5’s previous best, the eighth run from August 2011, which averaged 2.47million.

Although the +1 channel didn’t begin broadcasting until 2012, CBB8 – the first edition of the show to air on C5 – was boosted by an unusually high launch rating of 5.16million, which made its opener the third highest rating programme in C5’s history.

CBB13 is also doing incredibly well in official ratings, which account for factors such as recording and repeats. Its consolidated average currently stands at 2.95million viewers, with the number due to be finalised in around a fortnight.

This continues an upwards trend in performance for Big Brother on Channel 5, with ratings for the civilian version also having continued to climb over the past three years.

Meanwhile, social analytics firm SecondSync has revealed that CBB13 was also the most popular series on Twitter to date, attracting almost 4million tweets.

Big Brother returns for its fifteenth normal edition in June, followed by the fourteenth Celebrity edition in late August.

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6 comments on this article

  1. SS says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    The problem with such a good series is my god it leaves a big hole when it suddenly ends. Really missing it tonight! t’s a shame they don’t have a ‘What they did next” type show a few days later, like they do with ‘I’m a Celebrity’. Or a final BOTS episode on Sunday like they used to with BBLB.

  2. Star says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    Just glad its over I just hope the next series has some better house mates

  3. Az says:
    Fri 31 Jan Reply !

    What have you been watching for the last month? :conf:

  4. Liam says:
    Fri 31 Jan Reply !

    Brilliant news! Even though I didn’t watch much towards the end, but it’s great to see that it done well.

  5. SS says:
    Sat 01 Feb Reply !

    Housemates who gained the most Twitter followers during Celebrity Big Brother.

  6. Star says:
    Sun 02 Feb Reply !

    I love big brother and I didnt enjoy this series of CBB Im just glad its over. Looking forward to the summer that when big brother is at its best with real people not celebritys IMO

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