Jim Celeb BB win watched by 3million viewers

5 comments - Posted on January 30 2014 at 10:51am

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Celebrity Big Brother 2014 ended with high ratings last night, as over 3million viewers tuned in to see Jim Davidson triumph in the grand final.

The two-hour show – which aired between 9.00pm and 11.00pm – averaged 3.19million viewers (including +1) in overnight figures, with an audience share of 14.9%.

It was down around 60,000 viewers on the conclusion of the eleventh series last January, which averaged 3.25million in the same timeslot on a Friday. However, this was with a lower audience share of 14.6%.

The final peaked with 3.77million (18.0%) at 10.00pm, as fourth placed finalist Luisa Zissman was interviewed by Emma Willis – again down 60k on CBB11’s finale high of 3.88m.

It was the third most watched show in the 9.00pm hour, behind ITV’s Midsomer Murders and BBC One’s offering of Outnumbered and Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Later on, spin-off show Bit On The Side concluded with an impressive 1.1million viewers between 11pm and midnight as hosts Rylan Clark and Iain Lee looked back on the series.

Meanwhile, Celebrity Big Brother continued to dominate chatter on social networking site Twitter. According to analytics firm SecondSync, 497,755 tweets were posted during the final, with a peak of 17,997 tweets per minute.

The total was over eighteen times that of its nearest rival, BBC One’s Match Of The Day, which garnered 27,061 tweets.

> Click here to examine CBB’s ratings from across the series in our table

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5 comments on this article

  1. Star says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    I didn’t watch it the first live final I haven’t watched just glad its over hope the summer BB better.

  2. Jimbo says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    @Star Is that a joke!!!!!!! It was by far the best CBB ever! We have had two awful summer series I doubt this year will be any different!

  3. Star says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    No Jimbo it wasn’t a joke I didn’t enjoy this series off CBB and I am a BB fan just didn’t like a lot of the HM’s this time

  4. Liam says:
    Fri 31 Jan Reply !

    This was one of my favourite Big Brothers to date but then I just stopped watching near the end and gave up, I dunno I just couldn’t be bothered. It was getting a bit ‘cheap’.

    As much as I love Big Brother, three series in one year is too much for me, like if you miss one then you have to catch up but then you miss another and another, just to hard to keep up with. Otherwise it’s nice to see that the ratings were steady and doing pretty much great for a reality show this old.

  5. Sam F says:
    Fri 31 Jan Reply !

    I agree really – the summer Celebrity series just isn’t necessary. Like they could be so much more efficient and use what they spent on the summer series to promote the other two better (something many visitors to this site seem to be crying out for)

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