Jim Davidson wins Celebrity Big Brother 2014 final

11 comments - Posted on January 29 2014 at 10:30pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 final - Jim Davidson wins

Comedian Jim Davidson has beaten N-Dubz rapper Dappy to be crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 in tonight’s grand final.

The 60-year-old was the runaway favourite to take the crown with bookies after surviving all of the evictions he faced with either the highest or second highest amount of public votes.

He left the house to applause from the crowd, with the usual fanfare of fireworks and sparks being set off to celebrate the result.

“It’s overwhelming. All the people cheering in the soaking wet, it’s just overwhelming, especially after I got nominated more times than Gone With The Wind,” smiled Jim as he sat down for his interview with presenter Emma Willis.

“I got saved by these people and the people at home. The public. It didn’t make me feel more confident, I just thought I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I wasn’t playing a game, if I wanted to have an argument with someone I’d have them. I thought I’d stand my ground and just be me.”

Jim took a moment to address his arrest for sex offences under the Operation Yewtree investigation, which prevented him from joining last January’s series of the show. He was able to take part this time after the last charge he faced was dropped in mid-December.

Asked why he decided to sign up, Jim said: “I should have gone in last year, but I was unavoidably detained, so I thought I’d better keep up my contract.

“I got asked to do it, I thought, ‘nah, I don’t wanna do it’. But then the kids get at you, then the mates get at ya, and the people in the pub. I thought well, to hell with it, Let’s have a go, What’s there to lose? I never thought I’d win in a million years.

“I decided I didn’t like accusations made against me and I’m slightly damaged because of that. I decided to take no **** from anybody anymore. All you’ve got to do is be truthful.”

The former Big Break presenter then spoke about his bitter feud with Linda Nolan.

“Linda’s a strong willed woman, a fantastic artist. I really do admire Linda Nolan,” he claimed. We haven’t had the best of times, we clashed a little bit, but that’s what the house is all about, it’s very difficult in there. Outside we’ll be fine, I can’t wait for her to buy me a pint of Guinness.

“If there’s an argument, you take 50% of it away, the argument stops. It’s easier to walk away, no matter if you’re right or wrong. For the good of the house, you just bite your tongue, walk round the garden and talk to that frigging ostrich thing that’s in the middle.”

Jim ended with his thoughts on his other nemesis, Luisa, saying: “Be very careful, that is a dangerous woman! It all came right when a situation happened in the house and we decided no more arguments. Once we got to know one another we were alright.”

At the end of the show, Jim walked back out among the crowd, with the other housemates running up behind to congratulate him on his victory.

Browse pictures from the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 final below:

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11 comments on this article

  1. Wally ! says:
    Wed 29 Jan Reply !

    Well well well, I didnt see that coming? Thank God, I didnt see any of it at all! I said I would not watch this any more, Until they sorted it out! The Country most be in a far worse state than I thought, if this Arse Hole can win this? What a collection of freaks & ego’s, I cant believe all the airheads that say this is the best ever series? Is there any hope for the future when certain people think that this is Reality?Mass Manipulated & Manufactured Crap, fodder for the feeble minded! The only thing I enjoy is the debates that take place, because most of the folks writing on here, have the gift of common sense & while we have that, we at least have Hope? Take care all ! :wink: :up: :heart:

  2. Star says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    Thats a first I agree with you Wally Im just glad its over I didnt watch tonight and as for that homophbic sexist twat the truth will come out it always do.

  3. Wally ! says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    You see Star we can agree, but you forgot one thing & that is He is also a massive racist, I know thats a big thing to say but you only have to watch his Vids to find the truth, I dont watch his Vids or his shows, the self same way I wont watch CBB untill some one on CH5 draws a line under all this hatred & bitterness? Its not good TV & its not good for decent people as an entertainment choice! Give us back our Big Brother, Not Scripted Shit with Handpicked Hasbeens & Zelebraties ? :up: :wink:

  4. Liz says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    Got you talking about it though hasn’t it as shit as you say it is lol

    @Wally !

  5. Wally ! says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    @Liz Of course it has, thats what Ive been saying? At least I am willing to stick to what I say, & not sitting back watching while people like Ch 5 shovel shit like this to Airheads that think its reality? If you going to try & make a point make it worth listening to! My point was, just in case you didnt manage to get to grips with it the First time, was Jim Davidson, is certainly not a decent role model ? Oh, what was that noise,the penny dropping ? Or the Clink of your Hip Flask by any chance ! This why I said these comments are more Entertaining than the show, Stranger & Stranger. :wink: :up:

  6. Mary Tait says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    Amazing, opinionated Wally didn’t watch the show yet he can spout his vile comments and call the fans air heads. What a pity he missed out. His loss our gain, it was a great series with a well deserved winner. Get over yourself Big Wally.

  7. jennyjuniper says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    @Mary Tait
    Well said Mary,
    commenting on a show you haven’t watched, as Wally has, is like grumbling about the government when you haven’t bothered to vote! On second thoughts that’s a bad choice of simile, as there is always something to grumble about the government, even when we have voted!! Well done Jim, Dappy and Ollie. :grin: :grin: :grin:

  8. ste says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    Well said to you aswell jenny.really glad jim won and glad dappy was runner up they both deserved for wally.alls I can say is u get some right wallies on here. :grin: :grin: ..look after yourself jenny and take care..T.T.F.N..

  9. WALLY ! says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    @Mary Tait Opinionated ? If you recall Liz made the first remark to me, I only came back with a reply & If you have to Snap back to a remark about being an Airhead if you keep watching this Crap ? You all must be very thin skinned or my remarks were too near to the bone for you ! My guess is the truth hurts coz if the cap fits, you know the rest ! & while we are talking about opinionated people, You prats have just sat through the whole series & have probably paid these scum bags wages ? Jim Davidson, is he not opinionated, is Racism, Sexism, & Homophobic rants acceptable ? If you three think it is ? Then I have badly Underestimated you ? As Airheads really does not go far enough to some you lot up, you are just as disgraceful as he is for excepting this as normal ! That’s my opinion & I will stick to that, Get it, Got it, Good ! :up: :wink:

  10. Star says:
    Thu 30 Jan Reply !

    Well in my opinion I agree with Wally about Jim he is homophobic sexist dick head and its a very sad day when big brother lets somebody like that win Jim should have never been aloud to go on BB IMO sorry if you dont agree.

  11. Wally ! says:
    Sat 01 Feb Reply !

    @Star Thank You Star & Bless You ! There is No excuse for Ignorance in this World? Even if some Mugs vote for it ! I will sleep better knowing there is still some Hope ?Warmest Regards Wally ! :happy:

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