Lee taught to sit still for failing to ignore Jasmine

4 comments - Posted on January 26 2014 at 04:00pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan was given a lesson in sitting still today after failing to freeze during Jasmine Waltz’s appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 ignore the obvious task.

Yesterday, Big Brother set the celebrities the classic task, which involves them having to hold their positions and refrain from speaking while distractions are sent in to the house.

However, last night he failed to abide by these rules when evictee Jasmine Waltz returned to confront him about his ‘love triangle’, with the Blue singer engaging in a full-on argument.

In an attempt to remind him of the rules, today Big Brother called Lee to the Diary Room and asked him to hold a pose while sitting in the chair. The other housemates were then sent in one by one to make him look as silly as possible, with the help of some props.

Luisa got up close and personal by performing a raunchy dance, while Dappy drew graffiti on his forehead and Jim dressed him with a pair of oversized comedy glasses and a beard.

Ollie also put some make-up on his face – with Casey ending by splatting him with a cream pie.

However, it seems the lesson didn’t do Lee much good, as he begun by leaning forward – but ended leaning against the back of the chair.

It is currently unclear whether he’ll face further punishment for breaking traditional Big Brother rules by communicating with the outside world.

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4 comments on this article

  1. Star says:
    Sun 26 Jan Reply !

    Lee Ryan 2win

  2. Irene Pearson says:
    Sun 26 Jan Reply !

    mmm ok then just for you :wink: :grin:

  3. Rachel says:
    Sun 26 Jan Reply !

    :tongue: i want Casey to win all the way, lee Ryan is an idiot for playing jasmine and casey around. Casey and jasmine are lovely women, I’m sticking by Casey as shes a lovely honest girl. CASEY BATCHELOR FTW! Xxx

  4. laura lines wells richardon says:
    Mon 27 Jan Reply !

    Lee jasmines a dog, casey is so pretty, ollie better win

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