Celeb BB lies to housemates ahead of ‘secret’ eviction

11 comments - Posted on January 25 2014 at 08:44am

Celebrity Big Brother 2014

The remaining Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates have been told that they’ve made it to the final – even though there will be another ‘secret’ eviction on Sunday.

During last night’s live show, after Linda Nolan became the fifth person to leave, presenter Emma Willis crossed over to the house to inform the group of the false news.

“Lee, Luisa, Casey, Dappy, Jim, Ollie, Sam, you have all made it to the Celebrity Big Brother final,” she announced. “Congratulations housemates and have a great evening.”

The elated celebrities clapped and cheered, with Ollie, Dappy and Lee jumping up and down – while the Blue singer even ran over a sofa.

However, after calming down some of them begun to suspect that there’s a twist in store, as there is an unusually high number of housemates left in the running.

“So we’ve got seven people in the f***ing final? Seven?” asked Dappy.

“No I’m telling you, it’ll be a surprise eviction on Monday,” predicted Casey. “Because now the public are voting for who they want to win, so on Monday, the two least will go, then the rest will go on Wednesday.”

Remaining optimistic, Ollie replied: “They said you’ve made it through to the final, otherwise it’d be the semi-final.”

As Casey said, the final phone lines are now open, with viewers able to vote for who they want to be crowned the winner.

Another live show will air on Sunday night at 9.00pm on Channel 5, during which the lines will freeze. The housemate with the least support will then be kicked out in what is billed as a ‘secret’ eviction, before the voting resumes.

Seven is currently the highest number of housemates to have been featured in a final of Big Brother UK, with the record set during Channel 4’s ‘Ultimate’ series in 2010.

Let us know which housemate you want to leave on Sunday in our poll below, then click here to visit our Popularity Poll and vote for who you want to make the final:

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11 comments on this article

  1. Josh says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !

    Don’t forget Ultimate Big Brother also had seven people in the final. ;)

  2. Matt says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply

    So it did. Thanks!

  3. Will Ellis says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !

    Even to have 6, which they will in a final is a lot! How can you call it a final with 6 people! You don’t have to do much to make it to the final if theres 6. I can understand 5 but 6 is just pushing it.

  4. Will Ellis says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !

    How will this eviction work? Will Emma be in the inside the eye (Interview room?) and do the eviction from there, maybe she will go out and evict them, but there won’t be a crowd, will there? Or they could play music into the house, as if it was a party whilst we get up to date with all the house action. And then suddenly stop it, and gather them on the sofa and reveal all, it gonna be interesting in how they go around this.

  5. YoungsterJoey says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !

    The CBB8 final also had 7 HMs in the finale. I don’t like too many HMs in the finale but I guess its the channel’s view of maintaining some type of entertainment for the final days.

  6. YoungsterJoey says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !

    @Will Ellis

    The party method is possible, it’s happened before like on BB5 with Stuart’s eviction. Or, they’ll have the live crowd silent for the entire eviction until the announcement, its been done before but I can’t remember when (definitely at least twice during the Channel 4 era).

  7. Star says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !

    Evict all of them sunday and dont pay them now that would be a surprise

  8. Brekkie says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !

    Worth remembering the first couple of Celebrity series only had six people on launch night, never mind finale night. I’ve always said there should be no more than 4 in the final, and ideally no more than 5 in the final week too.

  9. SS says:
    Sat 25 Jan Reply !


    If you remember what live feed was like in the final week when there wasn’t many people left in the house, it turns really lethargic in there. So much so that they have to ply them with tasks just to get some footage. So even though I don’t like rushed finale nights, I actually prefer it when they have more in the final week so they don’t have to constantly try and scrape together some footage for the highlights show.

  10. Brekkie says:
    Sun 26 Jan Reply !

    Just worth noting the highest rated week of Big Brother ever was the final week of BB3 – 7m viewers a night with just 4 HMs – and that worked because the 4 didn’t really get on – but they were forced too because of the dwindling numbers (the same in BB2) and it made the final week all the more interesting because of it.

    Six HMs means the HMs can remain in two very distinct groups – and what on paper may seem more “entertaining” isn’t necessary more watchable.

    What BB needs for a decent series is a constantly changing house dynamic and a clear beginning, middle and end. Too many HMs now means we get a whole lot of middle before a sudden finish without the show winding down, while vote to save means the house dynamics don’t change from week to week in the way they used too – evictions are now somewhat irrelevent.

  11. BD says:
    Sun 26 Jan Reply !

    I would like jim to go sunday l know he wont for some reason jim is BB pet celeb for this year its all about money
    I love big brother but its just not the same anymore very sad day if they let that man win.

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