Linda, Luisa refuse to play Jim ‘agony aunt’ task

2 comments - Posted on January 24 2014 at 06:55pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Linda Nolan

Linda Nolan and Luisa Zissman have refused to take part in a Celebrity Big Brother 2014 ‘agony aunt’ task that would have had them sharing their problems with enemy Jim Davidson.

This evening Big Brother gathered the group at the sofas and gave the comedian a laminate explaining that he would spend one-on-one time with each housemate in the ‘lodge’ treehouse.

“Housemates must present at least one personal problem from their time in the house for which they genuinely need advice,” he read out. “If all housemates open up and share their innermost feelings with Jim, all housemates will be rewarded.”

“With what, more f***ing alcohol?” chided Luisa.

“Take it seriously in case it is something good,” suggested Casey.

Predictably, Luisa and Linda – who have both had well documented feuds with Jim – then stated that they would not participate, breaking Big Brother’s rule that all tasks are mandatory.

“It’ll be some s**t treat anyway. What, another bottle of acidic red wine?” said Luisa.

“Play the game,” urged Lee.

“We can make it funny I’m sure,” offered Ollie.

However, the girls stood their ground, with Lee saying: “Well then if you don’t do it we might as well all not do it ’cause we’re gonna fail the task.”

“I don’t wanna f***ing talk to Jim. They know that,” Linda commented. “That’s taking the piss and making me out to be two faced, going and having a laugh with Jim.”

“I’m not doing it,” added Luisa. “Causes more s**t than is necessary and we get absolutely f**k all for it.”

A moment later, Linda then conceded that she would take part but would not talk about her feud with Jim – and threatened to leave the house if she was forced to.

“You know that you’ll be in there and they’ll say it’s not a good enough problem,” predicted Luisa.

“I don’t care. Then I will walk,” replied Linda.

Jim, Lee, Linda, Luisa and Ollie are all currently facing eviction, with one set to be kicked out of the house during tonight’s live show at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

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2 comments on this article

  1. Fraser McPhee says:
    Fri 24 Jan Reply !

    Linda is such a bitch, it’s definitely her time tonight

  2. jennyjuniper says:
    Fri 24 Jan Reply !

    Luisa is even more of a bitch. She never cares that maybe the treat would be something that everyone could enjoy. Well I hope the others get their treat, except her. What a petulant princess she is.

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