Celeb BB eviction results: Liz Jones fourth out

5 comments - Posted on January 22 2014 at 10:16pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Liz Jones evicted

Polarising Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones has been voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house in the fourth eviction of the series.

Despite having previously saved three times by the public, the 55-year-old lost to rival nominees Jim Davidson and Sam Faiers, walking out to a mixed reception from the crowd.

Speaking about her time on the show to presenter Emma Willis, Liz said: “I am so relieved. I have post traumatic shock. I’m traumatised. They all eat so much. It was so dirty, and I felt very much an outsider – but I think they started to warm to me a little bit over the last couple of days. Slightly.

“It’s kind of like being in therapy for three weeks. I’ve got a bit more tactile – I let Lee hold my hand, I didn’t mind them touching me so much. I miss my dogs.”

Emma quizzed Liz – who is deaf – on whether her fellow housemates were wary of her reputation for scathing articles, with her famous victims including Rihanna and Holly Willoughby.

“They were at first, but then they realised they could have entire conversations that went completely over my head because I couldn’t hear what they’re saying,” she explained. It’s a combination of the hearing aid and lip reading, but when it’s lots of people I get a bit confused.

“I was gonna try and be more outgoing than I normally am, because I’m normally very shy and introverted, but with them you can’t get a word in. There’s a lot more depth to them that you’d think from seeing them on television. They’re all really nice people.”

Liz insisted that she was very straight-talking in the house – highlighting one example of her branding Luisa a ‘toddler’ – and claimed she was being ‘kind’ when critiquing the housemates’ fashion senses during the talent show task.

She said that she’d stay in touch with the ex-Apprentice contestant, Sam, Casey and Linda – as well as Dappy, whom she described as ‘sweet’.

When asked if she’d enjoyed her Big Brother experience, Liz responded with a curt ‘no’ – but she also admitted she was pleased that the public helped her survive three evictions, commenting: “I just assumed everyone hates me so that’s something.”

The remaining eight celebrities will nominate face-to-face later tonight, with the next eviction taking place on Friday at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of Liz’s eviction below:

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5 comments on this article

  1. jennyjuniper says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    Well she looked happy enough. But I still wished she had stayed.

  2. ste says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    Hi jenny I didnt mind liz just found her totally boring..rather her go than jim..I really hope linda is up next her hatred for jim is gettin worse..she reminds of that nutter callum and his hatred of dexter..she thinks shes to see her face if shes nominated..cant stand the witch..hope jim makes the final..

  3. jennyjuniper says:
    Thu 23 Jan Reply !

    Yes me too Ste. I’m amazed that Jim has managed to keep it together regarding that woman Linda. I would have lost it long ago.I wonder if creepy Callum is still seething, because Dexter and Charlie still seem to be in a relationship don’t they?

  4. ste says:
    Thu 23 Jan Reply !

    Yes jenny dexter an charlie are still in a relationship good luck to them..they had better watch out if they had kids that weierdo callum dosnt teach them at school..can u imagine dexters kids coming home ..look daddy this is how u massage heads ha ha ha..

  5. Maybee says:
    Fri 24 Jan Reply !


    Hello to you both, so nice to hear that Dexter & Charlie are still going strong. :happy:

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