Crew member in Celeb BB house angers viewers

19 comments - Posted on January 21 2014 at 01:29pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 controversy - crew member spotted in house during Into The Limelight talent show task

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 bosses have been criticised by viewers once again after it emerged that a task producer entered the house to direct the talent contest at the weekend.

During Saturday’s ‘Into The Limelight’ challenge, the official website stated that Ollie Locke and Sam Faiers had performed a scripted reality scene “under the direction of Big Brother”.

However, later that night – during a camera run segment in spin-off Big Brother’s Bit On The Psych – it emerged that a member of the show’s production team had entered the house to give the pair their instructions using cue cards, wearing a t-shirt labelled ‘crew’.

Not only did this break the once-sacrosanct ‘no contact with the outside world’ rule, but the coverage of the task in Sunday’s highlights show did not feature any shots of the crew member, leading to accusations that producers had misled the public.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 controversy - crew member spotted in house during Into The Limelight talent show task

Followers of the bbspy Twitter page flooded us with complaints after we posted a picture of the staffer (displayed above) during the episode in question.

@iRobSmith wrote: “Annoyed. Here’s me thinking it was honest and well planned by them,” while @KaiAnders_ said: “Fed up of being lied to. The show isn’t the BB it used to be. It’s becoming a crude, and now scripted reality wannabe show.”

@RyanJL observed: “It would have been quite amusing as part of their ‘routine’. Now it just looks like they got caught out,” and @Brekkietweets quipped: “If BB producers were democratically elected this lot would be out.”

Today, The Sun has picked up on the story, with a Channel 5 spokesperson confirming to the newspaper that the crew member was a producer.

“Sometimes the task team enters the Big Brother house but they don’t communicate with housemates,” said the rep. “Ollie and Sam were taking part in an improvised reality scene and as part of this they were provided with storylines to react to.”

This latest controversy comes after it was confirmed that Sam Faiers has been meeting a OK! Magazine journalist in the house so she can file her weekly column, making her the third housemate in as many series of Celebrity Big Brother to have been allowed to break the outside world rule for work commitments.

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19 comments on this article

  1. Lewis Griffiths says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    I’m glad that the producers are finally having to answer for their actions thanks to getting some national media attention. Keep it up The Sun!

  2. Phil Cater says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    : :happy: Please keep in beautiful Sam in. She’s cute. xxxxxxxx

  3. Bentendo says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    @Phil Cater

    Cute maybe, but brings nothing to the show in terms of entertainment unless forced into a task.

  4. Josh says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    Not really playing devil’s advocate per se here, but it’s not like other versions have had crew members enter the house before for tasks. The Australian version almost always does this. However, to enforce that rule of “no contact with the outside world,” anyone who enters the house for a task that isn’t an “ignore the obvious”-related one must dress up like a ninja so they aren’t identified. Perhaps the UK could introduce the concept of the ninja.

  5. Lewis Griffiths says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    I don’t think there is too much concern about task members entering the house when required for the sake of a task. However the concern is that they weren’t shown during the highlights for no reason, and they were holding up cards likely leading the task, when viewers were led to believe Ollie and Sam had performed that routine on their own.

  6. Zoe says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    I think this sort of thing is the real reason they don’t have live feed. It saves them having to explain the differences between what actually happens & what they put in the main show. It’s a shame, imagine what channel 5’s ratings would be this January if they had live feed? The twitter live tweets just rub in what we’re missing.

  7. NotConcerned says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    Who the f%ck cares? …they had a ‘painter’ enter the house too for Linda’s paint covering.

  8. lanky says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !


    There’s a difference between an actor entering the house to do one quick task that was shown in the edit and a producer entering the house to direct the housemates that we wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for a slip-up on Bit On The Side. And given that it was The Sun’s lead TV story today I’m guessing a lot of people care…

  9. james says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    Really not a big deal, is it? I’m not surprised and don’t see why people care..

  10. Lewis Griffiths says:
    Tue 21 Jan Reply !

    Do you work for Endemol? Viewers are being misled. That is why people care.

  11. jennyjuniper says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    Although I like Sam and Ollie, how come they get ‘direction’ when everyone else had to rely on their own ‘creative’ juices to entertain??

  12. Chris says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    Since moving to Channel 5, I bet this happens all the time.
    I honestly, wouldn’t be surprised if the producers set up the Jasmine/Casey/Lee storyline!

    Jasmine left the house to see a Doctor and tweeted on her phone, Sam see’s an OK journalist and now producers calling the shots when it comes to the housemates ‘tasks’ Dappy was also told he wasn’t allowed to perform a new song and it had to be his biggest hit.

    Just boring! I don’t trust Channel 5 at all, they just want the ratings.

  13. danica says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    @Lewis Griffiths
    I dont work for endmol either but im with james!!!!! so bloody what that crew member was in the house! ffs grow up and get a life will you its Only a stupid tv show for gods sake!!

  14. danica says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    @Lewis Griffiths
    Endemol thats what i was meant to writ :conf: e but was a “typo mistake”

  15. danica says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    @Lewis Griffiths
    Was meant to put “endemol” was a typo mistake” :doh:

  16. danica says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    People get to involved in stupid tv shows like nig brother! so a member of crew was in thr house of the talent show wowwee :down:

  17. danica says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    @Lewis Griffiths
    Lewis asked you if you worked for endemol because of you comment of the “crew member” in the talent show! im with you i totaly agree and people need to stop getting tooooooo involved in worthless programmes such as big brother! this years serious are full of tarts, jasmin, luisa, and cassey! no respect for themselfs let alone for Any1 else! jim or dappy to win. :up:

  18. danica says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !

    @Phil Cater
    Sam aint “that cute” especially after her face “blew up” due to an alergic reaction LoooooooooooL boaring cow! h :up: a :grin:

  19. SS says:
    Wed 22 Jan Reply !


    For someone who’s telling other people to stop getting so involved in “Stupid TV shows like Big Brother”, you sure seem to have been doing this yourself over the last couple of days.

    Any what’s all this self-respect mumbo jumbo you’re waffling on about, it’s like some empty marketing buzzword that keeps getting brandished around with no real meaning. Self-respect means making choices that make you happy, therefore if Jasmin, Luisa & Cassey are doing what they want to do, why does that bother you so much?

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