Celeb BB eviction results: Lionel Blair third out

4 comments - Posted on January 17 2014 at 10:13pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Lionel Blair evicted

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 viewers have voted tap-dancing showbiz legend Lionel Blair out of the house in the third eviction.

The 82-year-old – who was the second oldest housemate in the history of Big Brother UK – polled the least support against seven other housemates in the public vote to save, with only Casey and Linda escaping nomination.

He left the house to a unanimously positive reception from the crowd, and even performed a magic trick on the rotating eye bridge before walking down the stairs.

In his exit interview, Lionel told presenter Emma Willis that he was ‘a bit sad’ to leave the house, saying: “I’ve loved them all in there, but I’ve missed my family so much, I can’t tell you.”

Speaking of his Big Brother experience, Lionel said “I’ve watched every one and I thought, ‘I’d do this and I’d do that’. I said to the producers, please don’t treat me as the old man and do everything for me. I wanted to be one of them.

“What I found the most difficult was going to the Diary Room and talking about my friends and having to evict, that was dreadful.”

When quizzed on his thoughts on the Lee-Casey-Jasmine ‘love triangle’, Lionel – who was the bookies’ second favourite to go – surprised the audience by suggesting Casey’s a gameplayer.

“Lee was so unhappy when Jas left, he was miserable, and he blamed Casey,” explained the former ‘Name That Tune’ star. “He said that she said to him, ‘keep it going cause we’ll get lots of press’, and tonight, I heard her say to Luisa, ‘keep it going, you’re on camera a lot now’.”

Talk turned to his heated row over rule-breaking with Luisa. “The next day we kissed and hugged, that’s it with us, I can’t bear a grudge.” said Lionel. “I absolutely adore Luisa, she is her own person, she says it as it is. I think we’ll remain great friends. I really do.”

Although he again admitted to eating the contraband chocolate, Lionel was coy when asked if it had been an unfair argument, instead saying: “You saw what I did, I said ‘no, we’ve got to give them back’, and I took some out, put them on the chair and gave them back and they said, ‘will you take the chocolates from the chair and give those back’, cause I was keeping some for her, and she goes ‘I don’t like chocolate’.”

He described Linda and Jim as ‘difficult’ to live with, saying of their feud: “I still don’t know what it’s over, and it’s about ten years ago. To keep up that grudge for that long is not good. There was a time when Jim was stirring it.”

Lionel ended by praising Ollie as ‘nice, helpful and kind’ and Sam as ‘beautiful’ and ‘lovely’, adding that he’d like either to win the series.

Browse pictures of Lionel’s eviction below:

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4 comments on this article

  1. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Fri 17 Jan Reply !

    Lionel shouldn’t have been evicted it should of been Liz. :down: :doh:

  2. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 18 Jan Reply !

    Lionel was the one (as well as Linda and Louisa) who were stirring it.He seemed very two faced about practically everyone in there. I started off liking him, but quickly changed my mind.

  3. Alex says:
    Sat 18 Jan Reply !

    I was shocked at Lionel’s behaviour, first in the ‘adult’ room for the task they did and then in his eviction interveiw. I didn’t expect him to turn on poor Casey. He’s an 81 year old man and I thought it was mean and petty to say that Casey wanted to do a showmance. Lee said that in a pathetic attempt to justify his behaviour. I can’t think why an elderly gentlemen, as we tend to see men of his age, would want to back him up. Casey has behaved with dignity and maturity thruoghout all this rubbish. I find it sad someone who has had 81 years of life experience would beleive the likes of Lee.

  4. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 18 Jan Reply !

    Hi Alex, I think when Lionel sees the footage of the show he will change his mind about Lee. It’s easy for us to forget that the housemates don’t see all (well 45 minutes anyway) as we do. Still he was willing to take Lee’s story as the truth, which he shouldn’t have done. I’m glad he is out, although the three L’s Lee, Linda and Louisa would have been my first choice to go.

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