Confirmed: C5 moves Celeb BB final to Tuesday 28th

3 comments - Posted on January 15 2014 at 04:08pm

Channel 5 ident - Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Channel 5 has confirmed today that they’ve extended Celebrity Big Brother 2014, with the final now scheduled to air on Tuesday 28th January.

As we first reported yesterday, bosses at the broadcaster have added four more days to the length of the series, which was originally due to end on Friday 24th.

It will now conclude on the 28th in a ninety-minute final show between 9.00pm and 10.30pm – which will see host Emma Willis crown the winner – with spin-off Bit On The Side following between 10.30pm and midnight.

Meanwhile, a regular eviction will now take place during the live show on the 24th.

A C5 insider told bbspy last night that the decision was made due to its strong performance, with the episodes so far having average 2.42million viewers in overnight ratings.

It is the first time in the history of Big Brother UK that a series has been extended after it had started. However, such a move is not unheard of globally, with Big Brother Australia having boosted its most recent edition by two weeks halfway through.

The boost means CBB13 will last for a total of 26 days, making it the longest run since 2010’s CBB7, which was the last Celebrity series to air on Channel 4.

C4 has responded to the Celebrity Big Brother extension by moving the launch of its new winter sports contest The Jump, which is fronted by former Big Brother presenter Davina McCall and stars celebrities such as ex-CBB housemates Amy Childs and Anthea Turner.

It was due to air at 9.00pm on Sunday 26th January, according to preliminary listings, but has since been shifted to 8.00pm to avoid clashing with the penultimate CBB highlights show.

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3 comments on this article

  1. Josh says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    I wonder if Davina had a say in pushing back the premiere of this show. After all, she has stated that she feels bad when her “baby” clashes with another programme she’s on (i.e. MPD).

  2. Rachel says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    It’s also because I feel the producers have gone back to the old days with not being afraid to annoy the housemates and to be the most controversial yet and not scare to show it! Also tasks have been original and very different apart from bolt hole! The budget has defiantly been increased this year! And with lack of advertising it really does show that characters make the show as well as controversy for publicity! Brilliant series I hope they actually bring someone else in mid way to cause drama like Katie Hopkins etc like the old days!!!!

  3. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    Yay :grin: I hope Channel 5 renew BB contract and keep BB and CBB on their channel. :grin: :up:

    I also hope if they renew BB contract that they make CBB last for 7 or more weeks.

    Whenever each episode of CBB is over I’m like awwww as I want to watch more. lol XD it’s such a brilliant series and great housemates too. :happy:

    I wish the CBB housemates that get evicted go into another house but can’t win. Then a few days before the final they go back into the CBB house (still can’t win through) and they all sit together to hear who wins. That way if a entertaining housemate gets evicted you still get to watch them on tv but they can’t win. :grin:

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