Lionel brands Luisa a ‘selfish bitch’ over rule-breaks

- Posted on January 14 2014 at 10:23pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Lionel Blair

Lionel Blair has called fellow Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemate Luisa Zissman a ‘devious, selfish bitch’ in a loud rant after the whole house was punished for her rule-breaking.

Tonight, when Big Brother announced that the group had failed their latest shopping task, he also revealed that the hot water and appliances would be switched off due to Luisa.

During the challenge, the ex-Apprentice star broke the rules by climbing in to a cage to retrieve contraband champagne and chocolates – while being egged on by Lionel. She also escaped from the jail the garden after being voted in by Jim.

But while most of the housemates took the news in their stride, Lionel became rather upset – despite the fact that he chose to eat the forbidden chocolates.

Launching an argument, the showbiz legend told Luisa: “You’ve lost a good friend now. When we were in there, darling, that’s a different thing.”

“I got you the chocolates, you told me to get the chocolates. I just went to get the champagne, so don’t act all innocent and bitch about it,” replied Luisa.

Lionel then began to raise his voice, saying: “I’m not being all innocent. You are being loudmouthed and bossy and think you can do what you like and you can’t.”

“You told me to get the chocolates. Everyone will see it back,” insisted Luisa. “You said to me get the chocolates, I got the chocolates and who ate the f***ing chocolates?”

“So? Why did you? Why didn’t you say you mustn’t do it? Am I your boss now? Am I your boss?” taunted Lionel.

“You asked me to get them. Who ate the f***ing chocolates?” reiterated Luisa.

“I did,” admitted Lionel. “Am I your boss?”

“Thank you. I don’t even eat chocolate,” Luisa gasped.

“You are just a selfish bitch. A selfish bitch,” shouted Lionel, as Lee led him out to the garden.

Meanwhile, Dappy attempted to calm down Luisa, who told the rapper: “He’s bitching about me and Jasmine while acting all innocent. It pisses me off.”

Out in the garden, Ollie went over the situation with Lionel. “If you were on the outside you’d probably just say try and carry on and wipe the slate clean,” suggested the scripted reality star.

“The point is, she did something that’s not only affected me, it affected the whole house. That’s what’s upset me,” The 82-year-old replied. “All the people I like are affected through selfishness and bitchiness. Devious, self-centred bitch.”

Luisa is currently facing eviction alongside Jasmine, Jim and Liz, with one of the four set to be booted out in tomorrow night’s live show at 9.00pm on Channel 5.

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