Housemates rumble Jim, fail Democracy task

4 comments - Posted on January 14 2014 at 06:52pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Democracy task - Lionel Blair and Luisa Zissman in The Most Annoying Room In The World

The Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates have failed the Democracy shopping task for correctly guessing that Jim Davidson was the ‘Decider’.

Yesterday, Big Brother set up keypads in the living area and told housemates that they’d win luxury food by anonymously voting on a series of dilemmas – and abiding by the outcomes.

However, all of the housemates’ keypads were disabled, except Jim’s – meaning he was the only housemate whose votes counted. He had to keep his role in the task secret, otherwise the group would fail and receive basic rations.

On the first day, Linda was covered in paint and forced to watch it dry after the comedian named her the most boring housemate – going against the majority, who chose Liz. He also voted to give up beauty products, when most of the others would have preferred to surrender cigarettes.

But he also joined the majority in picking Lee to be tricked in to thinking he’d been put up for eviction – as well as opting for a Thai takeaway over a pizza delivery.

Later, Jim decided that Lionel and Luisa would spend the night in ‘The Most Annoying Room In The World’, a space full of slanted furniture and constantly ringing alarm clocks – as well as a luxury bed, champagne and chocolates locked in a cage.

The pair managed to retrieve the key to unlock the cage, but it was attached to a chain that was too short to reach the lock. Luisa then decided to take matters in to her own hands by climbing over the jail bars to retrieve the treats – a move that earned her a ticking off from Big Brother.

Today, three more dilemmas were set, with the group unanimously voting for a lie-in this morning – before Jim singled out Luisa for a spell in jail.

The final vote was the most important of all, as it saw Big Brother reveal the big twist. With all housemates’ keypads now on, they were asked to vote for who they thought was the Decider.

After the time was up, Big Brother announced that the majority had correctly gone for Jim.

As a result, he failed his secret mission and the housemates will only have basic rations for the week. In addition, as punishment for Luisa’s rule-breaking, the hot water and electrical appliances have been turned off until further notice.

Browse pictures of Lionel and Luisa in the Annoying Room below:

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4 comments on this article

  1. Brekkie says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    That’s hot water ticked off the bingo then.

  2. Zack S. says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    No it also included electrical appliances it had an “AND” in the middle. That was part of fail side. That hot water turn off would happened if someone talked about nominations or Big Brother threaten housemates to complete a task.

  3. Zack S. says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    It would only count if it was JUST the Hot Water was turned off.

  4. Yogi says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    Poor Lionel had to put up with that annoying girl….feel sorry for him, he is 82 yr old :straight:

    He needs to be excused a little for his age now BB! :happy:

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