Exclusive: Celebrity Big Brother 2014 to be extended

15 comments - Posted on January 14 2014 at 10:31pm

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Channel 5 is planning to extend Celebrity Big Brother 2014 beyond its currently scheduled end date, bbspy has learned.

Last week the broadcaster announced that the series would come to an end after 22 days on Friday January 24th, with Emma Willis crowning the winner in a 90-minute live show.

However, insiders have told bbspy tonight that bosses are now planning a four-day extension, which would see it end on Tuesday January 28th.

This is due to ratings success, with the first week of the current series having averaged 2.48million viewers in overnight ratings – up around 190,000 on last January’s edition.

TV critics have also praised it, with The Mirror’s Ian Hyland writing: “I’m not prone to exaggeration but… This is the best first few days of CBB ever.”

The extension will make CBB13 the joint second-longest Celebrity series with CBB5 on 26 days. Both are beaten by CBB7 – the final run to air on Channel 4 – which lasted 27 days.

Barring a last-minute u-turn on the decision, it is set to be officially confirmed tomorrow.

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15 comments on this article

  1. Amz says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    Hardly an exclusive, someone posted this on the Digital Spy forum earlier this evening!

  2. lanky says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !


    Presumably they mean exclusive in the sense that they’ve actually heard from someone at Channel 5 and not just done guesswork from preliminary schedules.

    This is good news – it’s easily C5’s best celeb series yet.. I just hope that the interesting housemates make it to the final few days :conf:

  3. Sam2 says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    They just need the public to save Luisa & Jasmin from being evicted now, otherwise it’ll be four extra days of tea drinking.

  4. Brekkie says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    Nothing to do I’m sure with C4 revealing earlier that The Jump would debut on Sunday 26th, having seemingly held it back to avoid Celeb BB.

  5. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Tue 14 Jan Reply !

    Brillant if true. :grin:

    I could watch this series for 2 months as it’s been brillant. If only CBB lasted for 2 hours instead of 1 hour each day. lol :tongue:

    I still hope BB will pick Linda and Jim to go to the Bolt hole room where they watch their housemates on tv and play pranks on them. I want to know weather they will argue or weather they will become friends. lol

    Can’t believe BB hasn’t come up with this idea as it might cause a lot of drama lol :grin: :tongue:

  6. Liam says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    Wheyhey! :grin: Been enjoying this years so much! But I’ve still not actually watched any of it on tv… Instead been watching on demand, which I think they should start counting that into the ratings, they’d be so much higher as a lot of people don’t have the time to watch a program when it’s on. I almost feel as if I’m not contributing towards the ratings :conf: and all this talk about cancellation is freaking me out..

  7. Josh says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    Why not extend it by a full week to make it last nearly a month long? Make it 29 days! Then it would beat CBB7 by a full two days! :)

  8. Sam2 says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !
  9. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !


    I agree. Wish it was on for 2 months and only 1 eviction each week with no evictions for 2 week to get to know the housemates more. :grin:

  10. Loyal_BBFan says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    @bbspy: Is it true BB faces the axe? I hope not. :cry:

  11. SS says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !


    This is what the Daily Star said:
    “But campaign group Mediawatch has called for the programme to be pulled despite its popularity”

    Mediawatch have always been a bunch of whining #@&%!’s. I had to laugh at the wording in a recent Tellymix article, as it pretty much sums them up:
    “Chief moaner Vivienne Pattison from professional moaning organisation Mediawatch had this to moan about…”

  12. Rachel says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    Surely the housemates won’t be happy with this decision do they have to if go ahead extend there contracts and payment terms? More money?

  13. Rachel says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    It’s also because I feel the producers have gone back to the old days with not being afraid to annoy the housemates and to be the most controversial yet and not scare to show it! Also tasks have been original and very different apart from bolt hole! The budget has defiantly been increased this year! And with lack of advertising it really does show that characters make the show as well as controversy for publicity! Brilliant series I hope they actually bring someone else in mid way to cause drama like Katie Hopkins etc like the old days!!!!

  14. Will says:
    Wed 15 Jan Reply !

    GREAT!! This series has been awesome and outrages! Last summer CBB felt rushed and quite bad compared to this one. The twist have been good and so have the tasks, all I remember from last summer CBB task is them all singing.

  15. Jules says:
    Thu 16 Jan Reply !

    Linda either has a serious problem or is naturally a complete asshole! In fact, Linda and Lee are the perfect couple. Narcistic, bitter, twisted and delusional!

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